Parlophone release Paul McCartney’s second solo album : ‘McCartney II’ featuring ‘Coming Up’ (1980)

Paul McCartney‘s ‘McCartney II’ is his second completely solo album (his first while he is in Wings), released on May 16, 1980 by Parlophone / Columbia.


Parlophone release Paul McCartney’s second solo album : ‘McCartney II’ featuring ‘Coming Up’ (1980)

1 . Coming Up (w/ Wings, Kampuchea, 1979)

2 . Temporary Secretary (02, London, 2015)

3 . John Davidson Show, 1980

Track Listing : 1.Coming Up (Paul McCartney) – 03:53 . 2.Temporary Secretary (Paul McCartney) – 03:14 . 3.On The Way (Paul McCartney) – 03:38 . 4.Waterfalls (Paul McCartney) – 04:43 . 5.Nobody Knows (Paul McCartney) – 02:52 . 6.Front Parlour (Paul McCartney) – 03:32 . 7.Summer’S Day Song (Paul McCartney) – 03:25 . 8.Frozen Jap (Paul McCartney) – 03:40 . 9.Bogey Music (Paul McCartney) – 03:27 . 10.Darkroom (Paul McCartney) – 02:20 . 11.One Of These Days (Paul McCartney) – 03:35

Linda McCartney‘>

Linda McCartney

Musicians : Paul McCartney – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Drums . Linda McCartney Linda McCartney‘>asterisques RVM – Additional Vocals

Production : Produced By Paul McCartney . Mark Vigars – Engineer . Paul McCartney – Engineer

Package : Linda McCartney Linda McCartney‘>asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded June–July 1979.

Released On May 16, 1980 By Parlophone / Columbia.

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Paul McCartney


On first listen, McCartney’s second outing sounds, well, odd. Save for “Coming Up”, which still feels like a Wings track (the dancehall-ready tune debuted originally in Wings’ setlists), the whole of the album meanders between funky Macca jingles or just downright weird experiments. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
but then again, compared to the over-polished work that cropped up later in his career, maybe the loose spirit and unexpected detours are just what the doctor ordered […]

Paul McCartney’s ‘McCartney II’ Turns 35 Years Old: How It Foretold The Sound Of 1980s PoThe likes of ‘Front Parlour’, a dreamy excursion on synth and drum machine, feels uncannily current. Meanwhile, the limber Talking Heads funk of ‘Coming Up’ and the dotty synth-pop of ‘Temporary Secretary’ now demand a place on any solo Macca playlist. […]


Paul McCartney‘s ‘McCartney II’


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