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From ‘Fat Boy Rag’ to ‘Fine Fat Daddy’, we have mixed 17 ‘Jazz and Latin Music‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Fat and Fats‘. It has Roland Kirk, Dave Brubeck, Astor Piazzolla & Goyeneche, Swing Shift Band and many more..

IMAGE : Beach Man Photo by Kyle May

The Red Hot Archive : Fats Waller’s big break occurred at a party given by George Gershwin in 1934, where he delighted the crowd with his piano playing and singing. An executive of Victor Records, who was at the party was so impressed that he arranged for Fats to record with the company.

Honoring Fats Navarro : Navarro achieved considerable popularity with the jazz public and was highly admired by both critics and fellow musicians.. It would have been a natural step for him to form his own group, but he showed no inclination to do so. Perhaps the need to have a steady paycheck to support his drug habit was a determining factor

David ‘Fathead’ Newman : In 1980, Newman, determined to pursue his own musical identity, recorded several mainstream jazz albums for the Muse label. Artists such as Cedar Walton, Jimmy Cobb, Buster Williams, Louis Hayes, and other fine NY musicians, helped round out the rhythm sections.

Fattburger : In an industry notorious for ego clashes, break ups over trivial artistic differences, and ever-evolving shifts in the public’s often fickle tastes, smooth jazz supergroup Fattburger–whose irresistible melodic blend of funk, blues, pop and Latin influences is often called “The Sound of San Diego”–has bucked the odds and stayed together for nearly fifteen years

Swing Shift Band : The Swing Shift Band started out in 1991 as an oldies band in Lompoc, CA. Band leader Bernie Espinoza had just moved up from the LA area. His musical vision at that time was to put together a band that would honor the music from this genre.

The Hard Bop Homepage : Suddenly, a trumpet soared out of the band into a break that was so vividly brilliant and electrifying that all conversation in the room stopped and those of us who were gesturing were frozen with hands outstretched. After the first thunderclap impact, I turned and saw that the trumpeter was the very young sideman from Philadelphia, Lee Morgan.

Tom Simon : Larry Williams’s first big hit was Short Fat Fannie, on Specialty. It was a wild party song somewhat similar to something that Little Richard was doing at the same time. Short Fat Fannie reached number five and established Larry Williams as a serious rock-and-roll performer in 1957. : Before becoming one of Chicago’s hottest electric blues guitarists, Michael Coleman began his career playing alongside James Cotton for nearly a decade. The guitarist joined Cotton’s band in 1979 at the age of 23.

RADIO : Fattburger With Evans Marks – Anything’s Possible (4.31) . Swing Shift Band – Fat Boy Rag (3.10) . Lee Morgan & Wayne Shorter – Fat Lady (5.23) . Larry Williams – Short Fat Fannie (2.23) . Tito Puente – Fat Mama (3.00) . Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Fat Back (2.35) . Howard Mcghee & Fats Navarro – Boperation (3.09) . David ‘Fathead’ Newman – Shana (4.58) . Roland Kirk – From Becht. Byas And Fats (6.29) . Derrick Morgan – Fat Man (3.08) . Astor Piazzolla & Goyeneche – El Gordo Triste (3.56) . Dinah Washington – Fine Fat Daddy (3.06) . Fats Domino – Blue Monday (2.15) . Dave Brubeck – Mr. Fats (8.04) . Sonny Boy Williamson – Fattening Frogs for Snakes (2.42) . Leadbelly – Big Fat Woman (1.20) . Fats Waller – Lulu’s Back In Town (2.38) .

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