Warner Bros. publish Prince’s third album : ‘Dirty Mind’ (1980)

Prince’s ‘Dirty Mind’ is his third studio album released on October 8, 1980 by Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.Dirty Mind (Prince, Dr. Fink) – 04:14 . 2.When You Were Mine (Prince) – 03:47 . 3.Do It All Night (Prince) – 03:42 . 4.Gotta Broken Heart Again (Prince) – 02:16 . 5.Uptown (Princeandré Cymone) – 05:32 . 6.Head (Prince) – 04:44 . 7.Sister (Prince) – 01:31 . 8.Partyup (Prince, Morris Day) – 04:24

Musicians : Prince – Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals . Dr. Fink – Synthesizer On (1 – 6) . Lisa Coleman – Keyboards, Sitar, Vocals On (6) . Wendy Melvoin – Guitar

Production : Produced By Prince . Jamie Starr – Engineer . Bernie Grundman – Mastering

Package : Allen Beaulieu – Photography

Recorded May–June 1980.

Released On October 8, 1980 By Warner Bros. Records.


Rolling Stone
Dirty Mind is a pop record of Rabelaisian achievement: entirely, ditheringly obsessed with the body, yet full of sentiments that please and provoke the mind. It may also be the most generous album about sex ever made by a man. […]

The Quietus
Memories Of Genius: 30 Years On Prince’s Dirty Mind Revisited Dirty Mind is a reminder that once upon a time, Prince saw music as a boundless, constraint-free orgy of creativity. Its final track ‘Partyup’ is a good-time freak out jam, with Prince extolling the merits of “revolutionary rock & roll”. Hold tight to the memory. […]

Pop Matters
So what is the main preoccupation of Dirty Mind, if not the carnal? In this critic’s opinion, it’s a celebration of the possibilities of music itself: its effectiveness as a means of exploring one’s valuesand its ability to bring different kinds of people together. […]


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