Rough Trade publish The Smiths’ second album : ‘Meat Is Murder’ (1985)

The Smiths’ ‘Meat Is Murder’ is their second studio album released on February 11, 1985 by Rough Trade Records.

Track Listing : 1.The Headmaster Ritual (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 04:52 . 2.Rusholme Ruffians (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 04:20 . 3.I Want The One I Can’T Have (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 03:14 . 4.What She Said (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 02:42 . 5.That Joke Isn’T Funny Anymore (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 04:59 . 6.Nowhere Fast (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 02:37 . 7.Well I Wonder (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 04:00 . 8.Barbarism Begins At Home (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 06:57 . 9.Meat Is Murder (Morrissey, Johnny Marr) – 06:06

Musicians : The Smiths – Band . Morrissey – Vocals . Johnny Marr – Guitars, Piano, Sound Effects On (7) . Andy Rourke – Bass Guitar . Stephen Street – Sound Effects On (2 – 3 – 9)

Production : Produced By The Smiths . Stephen Street – Engineer . Tim Young – Mastering

Package : Caryn Gough – Layout Design

Recorded In 1984.

Released On February 11 , 1985 By Rough Trade / Sire.

The Smiths

As usual, Morrissey’s heart is in the right place, but his ham-fisted plea against eating animals would probably have converted more listeners to vegetarianism if it was pared with less dull, plodding music. Call it cynical, but that’s just my opinion. […]

The Guardian
My favourite album: Meat Is Murder by the SmithsIt starts as if in the middle of something – you’re already part of this. Meat Is Murder is local and British from the first line – “Belligerent ghouls run Manchester schools” – and expresses fury at a kind of school life that has been forgotten. […]

The Quietus
Morrissey’s lyrics spoke about real lives with an honesty and a clarity that rock and pop often shied away from: here was someone writing about heartbreak and isolation not as mythic subjects that somehow glorified the sufferer, but as the all-too-real consequences of the everyday. […]


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