Tamla release Smokey Robinson’s ‘A Quiet Storm’ (1975)

Smokey Robinson‘s ‘A Quiet Storm’ is an album rReleased on March 26, 1975 by Tamla.


Tamla release Smokey Robinson’s ‘A Quiet Storm’ (1975)

1 . Quiet Storm (w/ John Legend)

Smokey Robinson – A Quiet Storm

Track Listing : 1.Quiet Storm (Smokey Robinson) – 07:47 . 2.The Agony And The Ecstasy (Smokey Robinson) – 04:43 . 3.Baby That’S Backatcha (Smokey Robinson) – 03:36 . 4.Wedding Song (Smokey Robinson) – 03:20 . 5.Happy – Love Theme From Lady Sings The Blues (Smokey Robinson, Michel Legrand)- 07:05 . 6.Love Letters (Smokey Robinson) – 04:04 . 7.Coincidentally (Smokey Robinson) – 04:22

Musicians : Smokey Robinson – Vocals . Joseph A. Brown – Drums, Percussion . Gary Coleman – Percussion . Shawn Furlong – Sound Effects, Sopranino . Michael Jacobsen – Cello . Gene Pello – Drums . James Alibe Sledge – Bongos, Conga, Background Vocals . Fred Smith – Horn, Woodwind . Russ Turner – Keyboards, Background Vocals . Marv Tarplin – Guitar . Melba Bradford – Background Vocals . Carmen Bryant – Background Vocals

Production : Produced By Smokey Robinson . Smokey Robinson, Russ Turner . Greg Venable – Engineer, Mixing

Arrangements : Smokey Robinson, Russ Turner

Recorded In 1974.

Released On March 26, 1975 By Tamla.

(Source Smokey Robinson – A Quiet Storm | A Quiet Storm | Smokey Robinson – Official Site)


Rolling Stone
In fact, Robinson’s much touted abilities as a poetic lyricist aren’t very important here, the sexy directness of “Storm” and “Backatcha” notwithstanding. His production and singing carry the album. […]

The album opens like radio theater: an impossibly high-pitched synth-produced whistle– our soft warning siren– is paired with wind sound effects, which gradually give way to a loping bassline that could have been drawn from countless 60s Motown hits. […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Some of it is so lush and down-tempo that it threatens to be boring – “Happy (Love Theme From ‘Lady Sings The Blues’)” takes so long to build that you might pass out before the ecstatic finale. […]


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