Snoop Dogg releases ‘Bush,’ his thirteenth album produced by Pharrell Williams

Snoop Dogg‘s ‘Bush’ is his thirteenth studio album produced by Pharrell Williams and released on May 12, 2015 by Doggystyle Records.


Snoop Dogg releases ‘Bush,’ his thirteenth album produced by Pharrell Williams

1 . California Roll (w/ Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams)

2 . California Roll (on “The Honda Stage”, The iHeartradio Theater, LA)

3 . So Many Pros (on “The Honda Stage”, The iHeartradio Theater, LA)

4 . So Many Pros

5 . Peaches N Cream (w/ Charlie Wilson)

6 . Peaches N Cream (w/ Charlie Wilson, 2015, iHeartradio Music Awards)

Snoop Dogg – Bush

Track Listing : 1.California Roll (Calvin Broadus, Jr., Pharrell Williams) – 04:12 . 2.This City (Calvin Broadus, Jr., Kelly Sheehan, Pharrell Williams) – 03:33 . 3.R U A Freak (Calvin Broadus Jr, Pharrell Williams) – 03:45 . 4.Awake (Calvin Broadus Jr, Pharrell Williams) – 03:43 . 5.So Many Pros (Calvin Broadus Jr, Pharrell Williams) – 04:06 . 6.Peaches N Cream (Calvin Broadus Jr, Cornell Haynes Jr, Garry Shider, George Clinton, Mary Brockert, Pharrell Williams, Robert Ginyard Jr, Walter Morrison) – 04:43 . [Samples : It Takes Two By Rob Base And Dj E-Z Rock From The Album It Takes Two, One Nation Under A Groove By Funkadelic From The Album One Nation Under A Groove, I Need Your Lovin’ By Teena Marie From The Album Irons In The Fire.] . 7.Edibles (Calvin Broadus Jr, Clifford Harris Jr Pharrell Williams Ted Chung) – 03:21 . 8.I Knew That (Calvin Broadus Jr, . 9.Run Away (Brent Paschke Calvin Broadus Jr, Pharrell Williams) – 05:13 . 10.I’M Ya Dogg (Calvin Broadus Jr, Kendrick Duckworth Pharrell Williams William Roberts Ii) – 04:38

Hannah Lux Davis

Warren Fu

Musicians : Snoop Dogg – Vocals . Pharrell Williams – Vocals On (1 – 4 – 5), Vocals (Background), Clapping . Chad Hugo – Vocals (Background) On (5 . Stevie Wonder – Vocals, Harmonica On (1) . Charlie Wilson – Vocals, Vocals (Background) On (6) . Rhea Dummett – Vocals (Background) . Justin Timberlake – Vocals (Background) On (5) . T.I. – Vocals On (7) . Gwen Stefani – Vocals On (9) . Kendrick Lamar – Vocals On (10) . Rick Ross – Vocals On (10) . Brent Paschke – Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric) . Andrew Coleman – Guitar (Electric), Moog Synthesizer

François Rousselet

Philippe Jarrigeon

Production : Produced By Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo . Andrew Coleman – Engineer . Mike Larson – Engineer . Hart Gunther – Engineer . Nick Valentin – Assistant Engineer . Dustin Breeden – Assistant Engineer . Mick Guzauski – Mixing . Brian Big Bass Gardner – Mastering

Arrangements : Andrew Coleman, Mike Larson

Package : Philippe Jarrigeon asterisques RVM – Photography . Anita Marisa Boriboon – Art Direction

Recorded 2014–15.

Released On May 12, 2015 By Doggystyle / I Am Other / Columbia.

Video Director(s) : Aramis Israel and Hannah Lux Davis asterisques RVM for “Peaches N Cream” . François Rousselet asterisques RVM for “So Many Pros” . Warren Fu asterisques RVM for “California Roll”

(Source Snoop Dogg‘s ‘Bush’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music] | Official Site)


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Snoop Dogg‘s ‘Bush’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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