Spyro Gyra release their twenty third album : ‘In Modern Times’ (2001)

Spyro Gyra‘s ‘In Modern Times’ is their twenty third album released on May 22, 2001 by Heads Up.


Spyro Gyra release their twenty third album :  ‘In Modern Times’ (2001)

Track Listing : 1.After Hours (Jay Beckenstein, Chuck Loeb) – 05:08 . 2.Feelin’ Fine (Jay Beckenstein) – 04:23 . 3.Julio’S Party (Julio Fernandez) – 05:08 . 4.The River Between (Scott Ambush) – 06:45 . 5.Groovin For Grover (Tom Schuman) – 05:50 . 6.Open Door (Julio Fernandez) – 04:38 . 7.Florida Straits (Jay Beckenstein) – 04:18 . 8.Feelin’ Fine Pt. 2 (Jay Beckenstein, Chuck Loeb) – 04:04 . 9.East River Blues (Jay Beckenstein) – 06:14 . 10.Your Touch (Jay Beckenstein, Tom Schuman) – 05:10 . 11.Lucky Bounce (Jeremy Wall) – 04:18 . 12.Planet J (Joel Rosenblatt, Phil Magallanes) – 04:42

Musicians : Jay Beckenstein – Saxophone . Tom Schuman – Keyboards . Julio Fernández – Guitar . Joel Rosenblatt – Drums . Scott Ambush – Bass . David Charles – Percussion . Marc Quinones – Percussion . Andrew Lippman – Trombone

Production : Produced By Jay Beckenstein Doug Oberkircher – Engineer

Recorded 2001.

Released On May 22, 2001 By Heads Up.

(Source Spyro Gyra – In Modern Times | Official Website)


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Spyro Gyra is now 23-for-23. Pretty hard to beat that! While this CD may not, some day, stand out as one of the high points of their lengthy discography, it’s an excellent addition to their growing legacy. […]

Thanks to the multi-channel audio format of SACD and wonderful artists such as Spyro Gyra, my excitement in dedicated music listening has recently been re-awakened and transformed into an addictive and immersive experience. I enthusiastically recommend this Spyro Grya SACD for fans of contemporary jazz. […]

This enhanced CD is dynamic and flows as if self-propelled because of the superior technology, well-written songs, tight horn charts, eclectic groovesand exceptional contemporary jazz, fusionand R&B-based performers who mix various elements into a bold, modern sound. […]


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