Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck et al meet at a private party (1984)

March 19, 1984 – if you are not part of the CBS organizaion, you will miss Stevie Ray Vaughan,Jeff Beck,Jimmie Vaughan and Angela Strehli together at CBS Record Convention in Honolulu HI More Info


Stevie Ray Vaughan - A Ray Of Life
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldnt Stand the Weather
Stevie Ray Vaughan - In the Beginning
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Soul to Soul
<a href=Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan – In Session ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Texas Flood
 <a href=Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – In Step’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
The Vaughan Brothers - Family Style
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at Carnegie Hall
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - The Sky Is Crying
Stevie Ray Vaughan "Live Alive Tour" 1987
Jeff Beck  - Beck In The Day
Jeff Beck  - Blow by Blow
Jeff Beck  - Who Else!
Jeff Beck  - You Had It Coming
Jeff Beck Group – Rough and Ready ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
Jeff Beck - Truth
Jeff Beck - Flash
Beck, Bogert & Appice
Jeff Beck - Live +
Jeff Beck - Jeff
Jeff Beck - Wired
Jeff Beck - Beck-Ola
The Yardbirds‘ ‘Roger the Engineer’ ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
Jeff Beck

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