The Beatles come back to Hamburg (1966)

The Beatles come back to Hamburg (1966)

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June 26, 1966 – The Beatles‘ “Blitztournee” stops at Merck Halle in Hamburg, Germany


The Beatles-Please-Please-Me-RVJ-SMALL.jpg’ alt=’The Beatles – Please Please Me’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
The Beatles-Let-It-Be-RVH.jpg’ alt=’The Beatles – Let It Be’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
The Beatles-Sgt.-Peppers-Lonely-Hearts-Club-Band-RVH.jpg’ alt=’The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
The Beatles-Yellow-Submarine-RVM-SMALL.jpg’ alt=’The Beatles‘ ‘Yellow Submarine’ feat. ‘All You Need Is Love’ ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
The Beatles-Help-RVM-SMALL.jpg’ alt=’The The Beatles‘ ‘Help!” width=’190’ height=’161’/>
The Beatles-Revolver-M-SMALL.jpg’ alt=’The The Beatles‘ ‘Revolver’ feat. “Eleanor Rigby”‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
The Beatles-A-Hard-Days-Night-RVM-SMALL.jpg’ alt=’The Beatles‘ ‘A Hard Day’s Night” width=’190’ height=’161’/>
The Beatles–The Beatles-for-Sale-RVM-SMALL.jpg’ alt=’The Beatles‘ ‘The Beatles for Sale” width=’190′ height=’161’/>
The Beatles–The Beatles-for-Sale-RVM-SMALL.jpg’ target=’_blank’ rel=’noopener noreferrer’>The Beatles_-_Abbey_Road-RVM-SMALL.jpg’ alt=’The Beatles‘ ‘Abbey Road’ feat. “Come Together” “Here Comes The Sun”, etc’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
The Beatles‘ feat. “All My Loving” “I Wanna Be Your Man” etc;’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
<a href=The Beatles‘ ‘Rubber Soul’ feat. ‘Day Tripper’ ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
The Beatles-RVM-SMALL.jpg’ alt=”The Beatles” width=’190′ height=’161’/>

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