(The Colours Of) Angel eyes

From ‘Angel Eyes’ to ‘Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ , we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz with a bit of Soul, Latin and Manouche‘ tunes around the theme of ‘ Colors Of The Eyes‘. It has Laura Fygi, Quinteto Real, Gene Krupa, Mad Manoush and many more.

IMAGE : Photo by theotherway / michelle

Wikipedia: Angel Eyes is in the form AABA. The first and the second A sections are almost identical, with only a few minor variations. The composition has a complex harmonic structure throughout. The II – V – I minor and major progressions are employed frequently throughout the piece. The A sections are in the C minor key. It starts with a C minor, D major 7 and G major 7 progression. Over the D major 7 there is an F# in the melody (the major third to the D major chord).

IMDB : The movie Jennifer (the soundtrack of which includes Angel Eyes) with Ida Lupino and Howard Duff is film noir magnificence.This is a mostly unknown movie that all film noir fans should see.Jennifer was filmed with the most unusual camera angles for that time, which made the movie have a surreal like quality at times.

Angel Eyes : Sharon (that’s JLo) ‘s dedication to her job does little to compensate for the fact that she has no personal life. She has been estranged from her family for many years. Disconnected from them and from life in general, Sharon fills her days with work and her nights with her private regrets.

PopDose : Why no respect for “Angeleyes”? While time has been kind to this classic ABBA narration pop song about a cheated lover narcing on her ex to his new squeeze, at the time it sounded a bit dated, more in line with the ABBA of “Waterloo” than the new, disco-fied ABBA.

PLAYLIST : Guy Barker – Angel Eyes (4.36) . Blue Mitchell – Ojos De Rojo (3.58) . Les Paul – Dark Eyes (1.35) . Ibrahim Ferrer – Aquellos Ojos Verdes (4.46) . Jo Privat – Les Yeux Noirs (2.54) . Orlando & GaúCho – Morena Dos Olhos (3.17) . AmáLia Rodrigues – Ojos Verdes (2.57) . Chosen Few – Ebony Eyes (2.53) . Bireli Lagrene Ensemble – Black Eyes (3.58) . Gene Krupa – Green Eyes (2.39) . The Isley Brothers – Brown Eyed Girl (3.57) . Quinteto Real – Ojos Negros (2.56) . Edit Piaf & Charles Aznavour – Le Bleu De Tes Yeux (2.59) . Mad Manoush – Blues Eyes (2.34) . Pamela Brown – Emerald Eyes (4.03) . Laura Fygi – Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (3.15) . Philippe Saisse – The Girl With Botticelli Eyes (4.57) . Yussef Lateef – Angel Eyes (5.13) .


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