The Who release the rock-opera ‘Tommy’ as a double-album (1969)

The Who‘s ‘Tommy’ is their fourth studio (and rock-opera) album released as a double album on May 23, 1969 by Decca / MCA.


The Who release the rock-opera ‘Tommy’ as a double-album (1969)

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It has been said “Sally Simpson” was inspired by true events. While Townshend was backstage at a Door’s concert, a security guard roughly handled a girl who was attempting to touch Jim Morrison, just as Sally was attempting to touch Tommy. […]

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The impression of the film lasted into my years of teenage angst when I would rediscover the film and album by extension. This would lead me to my ultimate transcendental knowledge of The Who in all their magical glory. […]

Much of it was conceived on the hoof with the killer single ”Pinball Wizard” only added on Lambert’s insistence that they needed an obvious hit, suggesting that pinball was a hip enough subject for the kids. […]


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