This week In ‘2000s Throwback’ 19/52

Tori Amos, Bono, Eric Burdon, Depeche Mode, Billy Joel, Joe Bonamassa, Sonic Youth, Bebel Gilberto, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Gorillaz, Madonna

They are the ‘2000s Throwback’ artists selected among the 383 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


This week In  ‘2000s Throwback’ 19/52


1 . Tori Amos . Lady In Blue

Lifted from : Dutch TV tapes Tori Amos (2009)

2 . Bono . I am the Walrus

Lifted from : We all wish Bono . Happy Birthday since ‘We are all pro Bono’

3 . Eric Burdon . Mother Earth

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Eric Burdon. ‘Once An Animal’

4 . Depeche Mode . Precious

Lifted from : Happy Birthday David Gahan. This is exact day for . ‘Depeche Mode at their bests’ post

5 . Billy Joel . Captain Jack

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Billy Joel. ‘Billy The King’

6 . Joe Bonamassa . When The Fire Hits The Sea

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Joe Bonamassa. ‘Hey Joe’

7 . Sonic Youth . Sympathy For The Strawberry

Lifted from : Sonic Youth perform for PBS in Chicago (2003)

8 . Bebel Gilberto . Aganju

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Bebel Gilberto. ‘Feliz Aniversário Bebel’

9 . Peter Gabriel . The Barry Williams Show

Lifted from : Peter Gabriel serenades Milan in Italy (2004)

10 . Stevie Wonder . From the Bottom of my Heart

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder. ‘Wonder Day In Wonderland’

11 . Gorillaz . O Green World

Lifted from : Parlophone release Gorillaz’ second album . ‘Demon Days’ featuring De La Soul, Neneh Cherry and more (2005)

12 . Madonna . Music

Lifted from : Madonna spends one ‘Big Weekend’ in England (2008)


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