This week In ’80s Throwback’ 43/52

Prince, Paul McCartney, Basia, Depeche Mode, Bob Dylan, Yes, Ringo Starr, Lou Reed, Duran Duran, Jethro Tull, R.E.M., Sting

They are the ’80s Throwback’ artists selected among the 419 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Prince – 1999

Lifted from : Warner Bros. publish Prince’s fifth album : ‘1999’ featuring ‘Little Red Corvette’ and ‘Delirious’ (1982)

2 . Paul McCartney – Say Say Say

Lifted from : Paul McCartney releases his fourth solo album : ‘Pipes of Peace’ featuring ‘Say Say Say’ (1983)

3 . Basia – Cruising For Bruising

Lifted from : Epic publish Basia’s second album : ‘London Warsaw New York’ featuring ‘Cruising for Bruising’ (1989)

4 . Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough

Lifted from : Depeche Mode electrify Hammersmith Odeon (1982)

5 . Bob Dylan – License to Kill

Lifted from : Bob Dylan releases his twenty-second album : ‘Infidels’ co-produced with Mark Knopfler (1983)

6 . Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Jon Anderson

7 . Ringo Starr – Wrack My Brain

Lifted from : Ringo Starr releases his eighth album : ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ featuring ‘Wrack My Brain’ (1981)

8 . Lou Reed – Video Violence

Lifted from : We remember Lou Reed. ‘Reed Loud and Clear’

9 . Duran Duran – The Reflex

Lifted from : As we wish today a Happy Birthday To Simon Le Bon, the time is perfect for a ‘Duran Duran at their bests’ post

10 . Jethro Tull – Under Wraps

Lifted from : Jethro Tull unwrap in New Jersey (1984)

11 . R.E.M. – Can’t Get There From Here

Lifted from : On English TV today, R.E.M. at “˜The Tube” (1985)

12 . Sting – King Of Pain

Lifted from : Sting brings ‘Nothing Like The Sun’ to Tokyo (1988)


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