This week In Male Balladeers 07/52

Robbie Williams, Glen Hansard, Jamie Cullum, Joseph Arthur, Ed Sheeran, Zach Condon, Myles Kennedy, The Weeknd, John Lennon, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Serge Gainsbourg

They are the Male Balladeers selected among the 305 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


This week In Male Balladeers 07/52


1 . Robbie Williams . Angels

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Robbie Williams. ‘Sing That’

2 . Glen Hansard . This Gift

Lifted from : Glen Hansard closes his tour in Milwaukee (2015)

3 . Jamie Cullum . Gran Torino

Lifted from : Jamie Cullum sings in Paris (2014)

4 . Joseph Arthur . A Smile That Explodes

Lifted from : Joseph Arthur performs at ‘One On One’ (2010)

5 . Ed Sheeran . I’m . Mess

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Ed Sheeran

6 . Zach Condon . Un Dernier Verre [Pour La Route] (w/ Beirut)

Lifted from : Beirut introduce ‘Gallipoli’ (2019)

7 . Myles Kennedy . Haunted by Design

Lifted from : Myles Kennedy performs at Paste Studios (2018)

8 . The Weeknd . Sidewalks (w/ Kendrick Lamar)

Lifted from : Happy Birthday The Weeknd

9 . John Lennon . Stand By Me

Lifted from : John Lennon releases his sixth solo album . ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ featuring ‘Stand by Me’ (1975)

10 . James Taylor & Johnny Cash . Oh! Susanna

Lifted from : On TV today . James Taylor at ‘The Johnny Cash Show’ (1971)

11 . Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald & Boz Scaggs . Who’s That Lady (w/ The Dukes of September)

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Michael McDonald. ‘On His Own’

12 . Screamin’ Jay Hawkins & Serge Gainsbourg . Constipation Blues

Lifted from : We remember Screamin Jay Hawkins. ‘Give me A J. What’s That Spell? Screamin’ Jay’


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