We remember Tina Turner. ‘Head Turner’

This day (May 24, 2023), in Zürich, Switzerland, died Anna Mae Bullock a.k.a Tina Turner, an American singer.


We remember Tina Turner. ‘Head Turner’

Tracklist :

1 . The Best (2009)

2 . Let’s Stay Together (1999)

3 . Golden Eye (1996)

4 . w/ Rod Stewart – Get Back & Hot Legs (1981)

5 . w/ Ike Turner – Baby Get It On (1975)

6 . w/ Ike Turner – Proud Mary (1973)

7 . w/ Ike Turner – I Wanna Take you Higher, Come Together and Proud Mary (1969)

8 . A Fool In Love (1964)

Tina Turner Top 10 :

What’s Love Got to Do With It . The Best . Goldeneye . Private Dancer . Proud Mary . We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) . Let’s Stay Together . Better Be Good to Me . I Don’t Wanna Lose You . I can’t Stand the Rain .


We remember Tina Turner. ‘Head Turner’


We remember Tina Turner. ‘Head Turner’


Wikipedia : This day (November 26, 1939), in Nutbush, Tennessee, is born Anna Mae Bullock a.k.a Tina Turner, an American singer.

Official Site : Tina became one of the greatest female rock stars in the world. She is known worldwide for her amazing and spectacular rock concerts (and for her legs…) and powerful and raw voice, but especially in Europe she has become a very popular live act and huge record seller.

The Tina Turner Blog : This blog is maintained by Sjef, who lives in the Netherlands and has been a Tina fan for more than 15 years, and Ben, a Tina fan since 1995 from France.

@last.fm : She started her storied career by joining Ike Turner to form The Ike & Tina Turner Revue in 1960. They had a string of hits like A Fool In Love, It’s Gonna Work Out Fine, a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary, and the autobiographical Nutbush City Limits and were widely admired by their audiences and peers.

@Discogs :

Photo : Herry Lawford



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