Trials And Errors

From ‘Alone Again Naturally’ to ‘Falling In Love Again’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Again (and Never Again)‘. “Trials And Errors” has The Frank And Joe Show, John Lee Hooker, Camille Howard, April Stevens and many more.

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INFORMATIONS To join the Dorsey band, Sinatra would have to pay Dorsey one-third of his earnings for life and an additional 10 percent to Dorsey’s agent. By the terms of the contract, 43 percent of Frank Sinatra would belong to Tommy Dorsey and his agent forever. : Q – How did Carol Lo Teimpo become April Stevens? A – Well, one of the first records I made when I was still in high school…no, no, no. I know. I was in Music City looking for some records and Tony Sepe (the owner of Laurel Records) came up to me. He was a very young, good-looking, Italian guy.

The Shangri-Las : 1965 proved to be the girl’s most successful year with five records getting into the top 100. They were also picked to be the spokes-people for Revlon’s line of Natural Wonder Make-Up. As they were idolised by so many teens, they were also asked to do a couple of public service announcements for dating etiquette.

DooWop Nation : Camille Howard was born and raised in the Texas Gulf town of Galveston. She learned music at an early age and for five years in her teens she was a member of a small local group called The Cotton Tavern Trio. After her schooling was completed she looked westward for a greater opportunity in music and became part of a large exodus of top R & B talent who came to Southern California from Texas and Oklahoma in the mid forties.

Azerbaijan Internationa : The truth is that Vagif Mustafazade, himself, could have become a poet. Not many people knew his verbal acuity. My family is fond of reminiscing about the time when Vagif was only three years old and recited from memory a section from my father’s play, “Farhad and Shirin.” He had only heard the work once.

Hyena Records : Comprised of virtuoso guitarist Frank Vignola and master percussionist Joe Ascione, the group follows in the great tradition of stellar duos including Steely Dan, The Everly Brothers and Hall & Oates.

Southern Gospel Music Lyrics : Prior to forming their own Southern Gospel group, Jeff and Sheri Easter toured with Sheri’s family, Southern Gospel and Bluegrass favorites, The Southern Gospel and Christian Country favorites Jeff and Sheri Easter release ne Lewis Family. Since 1988 Jeff and Sheri have recorded 25 albums together, as soloists, or with friends.

Bobby Vinton : After a short stint in the army, (which served as the inspiration for one of his biggest hits, MR. LONELY), Bobby and his band appeared on Guy Lombardo’s “TV Talent Scouts”. A subsequent four-week contract on that show landed him a contract with Epic Records, the label that released Bobby’s first single, ROSES ARE RED, which began his extraordinary career as a vocalist.

PLAYLIST : The Frank And Joe Show – Alone Again Naturally (5.11) . Aretha Franklin – Drinking Again (3.29) . Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey – You’re Breaking My Heart All Over Again (3.04) . Jeff & Sheri Easter – Learn To Love Again (4.10) . The Shangri-Las – Never Again (2.21) . Sam Cooke – There! I ‘ve Said It Again (2.21) . Dinah Washington – Never Again (2.27) . Fats Domino – I’m in Love Again (1.57) . Bill Evans – We’ll be Together Again (4.39) . Camille Howard – Try Try Again (3.01) . Vagif Mustafazade – Try Not To Make A Mistake (5.21) . Mel & Tim – Starting All Over Again (3.52) . April Stevens – Do It Again (2.37) . Dizzy Gillespie – She’s Gone Again (2.42) . Ray Charles – Here We Go Again (3.19) . Tom Scot – Lost Again (3.32) . Duke Ellington – My Greatest Mistake (3.24) . John Lee Hooker – I’ll Never Trust Your Love Again (3.22) . Billie Holiday – Falling In Love Again (2.52) . Burt Bacharach – I’ll Never Fall in Love Again (3.09) .


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