‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ New Music Videos – N°658

Here are the brand new videos that amused, puzzled and sometimes shocked us, these past days. Beware (possibly) NSFW

50 . Kanii – Nightcrawler

Date Added : nov 29, 2023

Kanii, born on August 2, 2005, in Washington D.C., is a rising American rapper and vocalist who burst onto the music scene in 2020 with his song “I Know,” which went viral on TikTok. His music is characterized by a blend of motion-heavy electronic production with catchy vocal hooks.Song featured on the album : It Was Nice Knowing You (Ep)

Sins (Let Me In) (2023)

49 . XG – Hesonoo & X-Gene

Date Added : nov 29, 2023

XG, short for “Xtraordinary Girls,” is a dynamic Japanese girl group, formed under XGALX (a subsidiary of Avex), and based in South Korea, marking with a music categorized as X-POP, a unique blend of cultural influences.

Tippy Toes (2022)

48 . View From The Bus Tour – Am I Moon

Date Added : nov 29, 2023

View From The Bus Tour is a Thai independent one-man project band created by Thanaphol Chumkhammool whose music emanates a folk vibe utilizing various musical instruments and tones.
Music video directed by : Peasadet Compiranont

47 . Bia, Sfera Ebbasta, Fivio Foreign – Milano

Date Added : nov 29, 2023

Bia, born Bianca Miquela Landrau, in Boston, is an American rapper and singer. She is particularly known for her collaborations with J Balvin and Russ, producing charting singles like “Safari” and “Best.”

Whole Lotta Money (2021)

46 . Bubba Sparxxx – They Just Don’t Know (w/ Adam Calhoun)

Date Added : nov 29, 2023

Bubba Sparxxx, born Warren Anderson Mathis in 1977, is a unique figure in the American rap scene, bringing an unusual twist to hip-hop, blending elements of country music and Dirty South rap.
Music video directed by : Crackalack

Ugly (2001)

45 . Harmonize – Boss

Date Added : nov 29, 2023

Harmonize, born Rajab Abdul Kahali in 1991, is a renowned Tanzanian singer primarily known for his work in the Bongo Flava genre and his own label, Konde Music Worldwide (also known as KondeGang).
Music video directed by : Director Kenny

Single Again (2023)

44 . Jungle – Pretty Little Thing (w/ Bas)

Date Added : nov 29, 2023

Jungle is a British electronic music project founded in 2013 by London-based producers Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, that has evolved into a seven-piece band for live performances.
Music video directed by : J Lloyd

Holding On (2023)

43 . Kneecap – Better Way To Live (w/ Grian Chatten)

Date Added : nov 27, 2023

Comprising Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí, Kneecap is an Irish language hip-hop trio from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They’re known for their politically charged lyrics and republican views.
Music video directed by : Peadar Ó Goill

Gael-Gigolos (2019)

42 . Drax Project – Luxury

Date Added : nov 27, 2023

From Wellington, New Zealand, Drax Project has been melding pop, R&B, jazz, and hip-hop since 2014. Initially buskers, their big break came with the triple platinum hit “Woke Up Late” in 2017, a track later reimagined with Hailee Steinfeld to international acclaim.
Music video directed by : Josh Harris

Atmosphere (2022)

41 . (Hed) P.E. – Waiting

Date Added : nov 27, 2023

Founded in 1994 by vocalist Jared Gomes and guitarist Wes Geer, and hailing from Huntington Beach, California, (Hed) P.E. is an American rock band known for pioneering the “G-punk” genre—a fusion of gangsta rap and punk rock. So far, they’ve released twelve studio albums.
Music video directed by : Killjoshpetrino

Renegade (2008)

40 . Cool Company – Know It’s Real

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

Cool Company, the Brooklyn duo – Cool Yan and Fat Matt – fuses Pop, R&B, and Hip hop into catchy, musically rich tunes.
Music video directed by : William Markarian-Martin – Song featured on the album : ‘Know Better

Floatin’ (2020)

39 . Carine – On My Mind

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

Carine, hailing from the Moldova’s capital Chișinău, entices with her blend of pop and deep house rhythms.
Music video directed by : Isabella Szanto

Magique (2018)

38 . Miso Extra – 2nd Floor

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

Miso Extra is a London violinist and singer, with Hong Kong roots and a British-Japanese upbringing.
Music video directed by : Claryn Chong

1013 (2021)

37 . gglum – Easy Fun

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

With half British and half Finnish roots, gglum comes from Croydon.
Music video directed by : Finnegan Travers

I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (2021)

36 . One True Pairing – Frozen Food Centre

Date Added : nov 25, 2023

Hailing from the innovative post-punk revivals, One True Pairing — the alias of Tom Fleming, former Wild Beasts bassist — channels a politically and personally charged narrative through a synth-rock odyssey.
Music video directed by : James Hankins

I’M Not Afraid (2019)

35 . Wings Of Desire – Angels

Date Added : nov 25, 2023

Wings of Desire is a new-age industrial duo, echoing the ethos of ’60s counterculture with an avant-garde soundscape resonating with anyone seeking a sonic rebellion.

Choose A Life (2022)

34 . Ayox – Walking Dead (w/ Zlatan Ibile)

Date Added : nov 25, 2023

Ayomide Bakare Iyanuoluwa, known professionally as Ayox, is a Nigerian Afrobeats singer, rapper, and songwriter born on January 4, 2003.
Music video directed by : Kambi Pictures

Heartbreaker (2022)

33 . Rainy Miller & Space Afrika – The Graves At Charleroi (w/ Coby Sey)

Date Added : nov 25, 2023

Rainy Miller, a producer from Preston, now based in Manchester, is a prominent figure in the experimental electronic music scene, known for integrating cinematic Auto-Tune vocals with deconstructed drill and industrial ambient soundscapes.
Music video directed by : Zane Crowther – Song featured on the album : A Grisaille Wedding

32 . Sy Ari Da Kid & Paxquiao – No Rules [Slut Me Out]

Date Added : nov 25, 2023

Sy Ari Brockington, known as Sy Ari da Kid, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer born on January 8, 1986, in New York City, who released his first solo project, “The Ultrasound,” in 2011, and has collaborated with Waka Flocka Flame, Future, and Bryson Tiller, to name a few.
Music video directed by : Craig Allen Films

Vices (2019)

31 . Sevdaliza – Nothing Lasts Forever (w/ Grimes)

Date Added : nov 25, 2023

Sevda Alizadeh, known professionally as Sevdaliza, is an Iranian-Dutch artist acclaimed for her unique blend of electronic, alternative R&B, trip-hop, and experimental pop. She is also a visual artist and director, known for her thought-provoking music videos and short films.
Music video directed by : Willem Kantine

Human (2016)

30 . Sleaford Mods – West End Girls

Date Added : nov 22, 2023

Formed in 2007 by vocalist Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods is an English post-punk duo from Nottingham, encapsulating the raw spirit of working-class / austerity-era Britain with their abrasive, minimalist sound.
Music video directed by : Ewen Spencer

Nudge It (2021)

29 . Wisp – Your Face

Date Added : nov 22, 2023

Reid Dunn, aka Wisp, is an electronic music composer from Niagara Falls, New York. he is associated with Rephlex Records, the innovative sounds label co-founded by Richard D. James of Aphex Twin.
Music video directed by : Boni Mata

28 . Laake – Liberty

Date Added : nov 22, 2023

French artist, Laake blends classical motifs with electronic symphony, fusing sharp beats, poignant piano, and deep bass to create a chiaroscuro of sound.
Music video directed by : Nathan Benisty

Dontgiveitup (2023)

27 . Ed Sheeran – That’s On Me [Fan Created Music Video – Brazil]

Date Added : nov 22, 2023

“This video was made by a fan, for the fans. Hi! I’m Beatriz Santamaria Pinha, the director of That’s On Me, and the one who was chosen to proudly represent Brazil.
Music video directed by : Beatriz Santamaria Pinha

26 . Yungblud – Happier (w/ Oli Sykes)

Date Added : nov 21, 2023

From the streets of Doncaster, England, Yungblud burst onto the scene in 2017 with his single ‘King Charles’, blending alternative rock and hip-hop, and by 2019 was charting with hits like ’11 Minutes’, his outspoken narratives on mental health and politics capturing a generation.

Parents (2019)

25 . Lexie Liu – Delulu

Date Added : nov 21, 2023

Hailing from Changsha, Hunan, China, Lexie Liu melds Mandopop with gritty hip-hop and electro-pop beats, while also being a fashion icon as Yves Saint Laurent’s brand ambassador in the Asia.
Music video directed by : Jeremy Z. Qin

Nada (2018)

24 . Fortunate Losers – Taste

Date Added : nov 21, 2023

Emerging from Sudbury, Ontario, Fortunate Losers crafts a soul-stirring rock experience, evident in their self-titled album produced by Finger Eleven’s Steve Molella.
Music video directed by : Thecutcartel – Song featured on the album : “Fortunate Losers

Desire (2022)

23 . OK Panda – The Background

Date Added : nov 21, 2023

Brussels-based band OK Panda, formed in December 2020, is an ensemble that weaves British-inspired pop music with catchy melodies and the edginess of alternative rock.
Music video directed by : Margaux D’Heckers

22 . Stray Kids – Megaverse

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Stray Kids, the South Korean powerhouse formed by JYP Entertainment through a 2017 reality show, stormed the music scene with their pre-debut EP “Mixtape” in January 2018.

애(Mixtape : Oh) (2021)

21 . Arut, Kizaru – Let’s Get It

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Arutyun Nazaryann aka Arut hails from the United Arab Emirates, while Kizaru, born Oleg Viktorovich Nechiporenko, comes from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Together they blend a variety of genres including hip hop, pop, soul, etc.

20 . Holy Molly – Pastila De Somn

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Maria Alexandra Florea, better known as Holy Molly, is a Romanian artist who emerged in the music scene as Miss Mary in 2010 and transformed into Holy Molly in 2019.
Music video directed by : Isabella Szanto

Everybody’S Scared (2020)

19 . Ivoxygen – Highkey

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Named “one of the Top 100 Most Influential Artists of 2020” by Rolling Stone, Ivoxygen, whose real name is Ivory B. merges hip-hop, R&B, and pop to create a sound that lead him to collaborate with several top artists.

18 . Vegyn – Halo Flip (w/ Lauren Auder)

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Vegyn, born Joseph Winger Thornalley in London, is a British music producer, DJ, and graphic designer, prominent for his work on Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed albums “Blonde” and “Endless”.

17 . Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Brambles

Date Added : nov 18, 2023

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, formed in 2015 by vocalist Frank Carter and guitarist Dean Richardson, are renowned for their energetic punk rock performances. Song featured on the album : Dark Rainbow

My Town (2021)

16 . L.L. Junior, Kkevin, Rytmus – Cigány-Ügy (w/ Érdi Baba)

Date Added : nov 18, 2023

L.L. Junior, also known as László Csaba Lesi, is a Hungarian rapper, performer and songwriter of Roma origin.

Korkorro (2013)

15 . Slope – It’s Tickin’

Date Added : nov 18, 2023

Slope is a German Hardcore/Punk quintet, founded in 2014 that mixes funky and groovy riffs with their own hardcore style.
Music video directed by : Philipp Jeske & Simon Blümel – Song featured on the album : Freak Dreams

14 . Tom Did It – Stupid Love

Date Added : nov 18, 2023

At just 18 years old, Tom Did It from Harpenden, UK, is a self-taught artist whose melodic sung-rap draws comparisons to Post Malone and The Kid LAROI
Music video directed by : Chris Chance

13 . Jaxxon D. Silva – Crack In The Mask

Date Added : nov 18, 2023

Los Angeles-born and UK-raised artist Jaxxon D. Silva, recognized as an ’emo pioneer’, blends emo, grunge, and lo-fi in his music.
Music video directed by : Jim Longden

Heart Throb (2021)

12 . Odetta Hartman – Dr. No

Date Added : nov 18, 2023

New York’s own Odetta Hartman is an experimental Americana artist active since the 2010s and known for her 2018 album ‘Old Rockhounds Never Die.’
Music video directed by : Bao Ngo – Song featured on the album : Swansongs

11 . Timbaland, Vita – Desire

Date Added : nov 17, 2023

Vita, born LaVita Raynor, is an American rapper while Timbaland is a super famous producer (Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Nelly Furtado and many many more)
Music video directed by : Lev Jutsen

Vita, Vita, Vita (Who That Chick Be) (2013)

10 . Sprints – Shadow Of A Doubt

Date Added : nov 17, 2023

Sprints is a Garage Punk band from Dublin, Ireland, known for their cathartic battle-cries and a dark sound​.
Music video directed by : Ellius Grace – Song featured on the album : Letter To Self

9 . Ezekiel – Under (w/ Phem)

Date Added : nov 17, 2023

phem is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Here she teams up with the band Ezekiel.Song featured on the album : Theatrics

8 . Banks Arcade – Change

Date Added : nov 17, 2023

Banks Arcade is a New Zealand band now based in Melbourne, blends hard rock, electro, and metalcore, signed by UNFD
Music video directed by : Jackson Bentley & Joshua O’Donnell

Drown (2020)

7 . Biig Piig – Watch Me

Date Added : nov 16, 2023

Jessica Smyth, known as Biig Piig, is an Irish singer, whose breakthrough came with “Vice City”​​​​.

6 . Chinchilla – Cut You Off

Date Added : nov 16, 2023

Daisy Matilda Bertenshaw aka Chinchilla is a London-born artist.
Music video directed by : Dora Paphides & Harv Frost

Little Girl Gone (2023)

5 . Token – Knot

Date Added : nov 16, 2023

Token, born Benjamin Goldberg, is an American rapper, known for his track “No Sucka MCs”​​​​.
Music video directed by : Ben Proulx & Token

Code Red (2018)

4 . Riovaz – Crying At The Orgy

Date Added : nov 16, 2023

Riovaz is an Ecuadorian-American singer from New Jersey.

Prom Night (2021)

3 . Snow Strippers – Just Your Doll

Date Added : nov 16, 2023

Based out of Detroit, Snow Strippers is an electro-pop duo, formed in late 2021 by Tatiana Schwaninger and Graham Perez​​.

2 . Eric Nam – I Wish I Wasn’t Me

Date Added : nov 16, 2023

Eric Nam is an American singer, based in South Korea.
Music video directed by : Maximilian Selim & Giovanni Fumu

1 . Stray Kids – Lalalala

Date Added : nov 16, 2023

Stray Kids are a South Korean boy band, formed by JYP Entertainment​​.

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’  New Music Videos – N°658


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