Woody Shaw records live in Detroit ‘Bemsha Swing’ for Blue Note (1986)

Woody Shaw‘s ‘Bemsha Swing’ is a live album recorded in Detroit on February 26 & 27, 1986 and released in 1997 by Blue Note.


Woody Shaw records live in Detroit ‘Bemsha Swing’ for Blue Note (1986)

1 . Bemsha Swing

2 . Ginseng People

Woody Shaw – Bemsha Swing

Track Listing : 1.Bemsha Swing (Denzil Best, Thelonious Monk) – 10:29 . 2.Ginseng People (Woody Shaw) – 12:06 . 3.Well, You Needn’T (Thelonious Monk) – 14:34 . 4.Eric (Geri Allen) – 06:05 . 5.United (Wayne Shorter) – 11:39 . 6.Nutty (Thelonious Monk) – 13:08 . 7.In A Capricornian Way (Woody Shaw) – 15:40 . 8.Star Eyes (Gene De Paul, Don Raye) – 15:38 . 9.Theloniously Speaking (Roy Brooks) – 09:30

Musicians : Woody Shaw – Trumpet . Geri Allen – Piano . Robert Hurst – Bass . Roy Brooks – Drums

Production : Produced By Michael Cuscuna . Malcolm Addey – Re-Recording . Jim Gibeau – Engineer . Rudy Lauerman – Engineer

Package : Bob Blumenthal – Liner Notes . Gil Melle – Paintings . Giuseppe Pino – Photography

Recorded On February 26 & 27, 1986 At Baker’S Keyboard Lounge, Detroit, Michigan.

Released 1997 By Blue Note.

(Source Woody Shaw – Bemsha Swing | The Official Woody Shaw Website)


while the trumpeter’s career was decliningand his life tragically unraveling, his creative abilities were still, at least occasionally, at the level of his high-profile ’70s zenith. […]

Woody’s music and playing had true originality, building on tradition but never content to follow, always striving to lead. The implications of his music have still not been explored by the musicians who have come after him to the extent that itand he, truly deserves. […]

Although one would not associate Shaw with Allen, they prove a mutually inspiring team. There is no feeling of decline or even world-weariness in the trumpeter’s playingand his solos are full of constant invention and enthusiastic ideas. This highly recommended set was one of Woody Shaw‘s last great recordings. […]


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