World Wide Xmas

From ‘Christmas In Jamaica’ to ‘A Spaceman Came Travelling’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Jazz & World Music‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Xmas Around The World‘. It has Chacal Y Yakarta, Ensemble del Doppio bordone, MaryLee, Aaron Neville and many more.

IMAGE : Christmas in Brzazil Photo by SantaRosa OLD SKOOL

Italian folk music: Born in 1991, the Ensemble del Doppio bordone is an acoustic quintet formed by bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, cello, and harmonium-apart of course from voice.

McEldowney’s Favorites : It is my understanding that Father Uudo Haazen came to the Congo in the early Fifties. Unlike most missionaries, this one came to learn as well as teach. Thus, in gathering 45 young boys together, in forming Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin, he was teaching Christianity in the manner of The Carpenter.

Johnnie Vinson : For thirty-six years, Dr. Vinson was a faculty member serving on the band staff at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. He retired as Emeritus Director of Bands and Professor of Music in 2007.

allmusic : Bob Atcher was one of the most popular country music entertainers of the post-World War II era, enjoying a 21-year career at OKeh and Columbia Records, as well as major radio stardom on WLS’ National Barn Dance out of Chicago.

Seen and Heard International : Åsne Valland Nordli’s voice sounded, at times, like liturgical chant given a personal twist, at others like a contribution to some kind of ambient music, at still others like a boy soprano singing folk songs.

Serenata Guayanesa on Wikipedia : In June 1971, the Bolivar state native singers and musicians Mauricio Castro Rodríguez (countertenor and drums), Hernán Gamboa (tenor and cuatro player), Iván Pérez Rossi (baritone and second cuatro player) and César Pérez Rossi (bass and drums) who were already experienced in playing and singing in other musical groups, met to sing together informally with some friends at the house of the then-governor, Manuel Guarrido. Mr. Guarrido asked them to make a recording of the music of the Guayana Region.

The Independent : Brent Dowe made his mark on Jamaican popular music as lead singer with the Melodians, one of the most consistently popular harmony groups of the 1960s and 1970s; he also enjoyed a prosperous solo career.

Paul Hillier : He lived for a while in Windsor Castle before moving into a tiny flat in Islington. He discovered Steve Reich and minimalism. He taught at U.C. Santa Cruz for a year (1980-81), living by the ocean where he discovered John Cage and Zen Buddhism, but returned to Europe, where he discovered Arvo Pärt. He lived in Sussex..

PLAYLIST : Madeleine Peyroux, Michel Legrand – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (3.48) . Is This Love – Christmas In Jamaica (3.07) . Diomedes Diaz & Colacho Mendoza – Mensaje de Navidad (4.17) . The Moog Machine – We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1.17) . MA3 – Siku Moja (4.06) . Salvatore Meccio – A La Notti Di Natali (2.36) . MaryLee – African Noel (2.04) . James Brown – Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto (3.03) . Nat King Cole – Buon Natale Means Merry Christmas To You (1.34) . Ensemble del Doppio bordone – L’è la notte di Natal (2.45) . Bob Atcher & The Dinning Sisters – Christmas Island (2.28) . Chacal Y Yakarta – Diciembre Feliz Navidad (4.29) . John Holt – A Spaceman Came Travelling (4.11) . Asne Valland – Nordli Kling No Klokka (3.09) . Aaron Neville – White Christmas (4.47) . Halasz Judit – Karacsonyi enek (2.13) . Eydie Gorme – En Navidad Y Año Nuevo (2.09) . Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir (cond. Paul Hillier) – Bells Rang Early in Jerusalem (2.09) . Alfonso Morquecho – Melchor, Gaspar y Baltazar (2.47) . The Del Vetts – I Want a Boy For Christmas (2.13) .


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