Cambodia Dancing

Featuring Robam Moni Mekhala . Robaim Hanuman . Sovann Macha . Bolero . Sovan Macha . Mermaid . Hanuman . Tep Monorom . Lam Leav Yok Va Jon . Rin Saveth . Khat Sokhim . Tralok . Rorm Sen Komlah Roob Sa . Chhet Sovanpanha . Rin Saveth . Robam Thvay Preah Por . Ram Vong . Robam Kangouk Pursat . Chhayam Drumming . Robam Makor . Cha Cha Cha . Apsara dance . Traditional Bamboo Dance . Peacock dance .

Cambodian Classical Dance : “In fact, ever since the dance was established in the palace as part of court life, members of the royal family itself would also take part in the dance. World attention focused on them early in this century as one of the few court dance traditions remaining from antiquity.” : In The Cambridge Guide to Theatre and in UNESCO’s Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity list, it is referred to as the Royal Ballet of Cambodia but UNESCO also uses the term “”Khmer classical dance.”” In Khmer, it is formally known as robam preah reachea trop which means ‘dances of royal wealth’ or simply robam.”

Cambodian Cultural Village : The Pailin Peacock Dance s from Pailin. There are peacocks and peahens in Pailin. Kola people are one of the minorities living in Pailin district in Battam Borng Province , the west of Cambodia . Most of them believe that this king’s birth always bring lucky for them. They perform it in New Year or National Festival…..

Leisure Cambodia : Many of Cambodia’s ethnic minorities still maintain the tradition of Ramvong Srokhanteum, or the new village dance. This dance is traditionally performed when a community is due to change its location. Before the move, the village chief and tribal elders perform rituals to chose a new location that is safe, fertile and with a plentiful water supply. Villagers perform the Ramvong dance during the rituals to make the ceremony more entertaining.

Wikipedia : The Reamker is the foundation of the royal ballet’s repertore.Like India’s Ramayana, It is a philosopical allegory.The Ideals of justice and fidelety shared by the two hero, Prince Rama and Queen Sita.T

Cambodian Association of Illinois : Chhayam drum is used in Chhayam music and is always associated with felicitous occasions. Although this instrument is traditionally played by men as the name implies: Chhay = Man and Yam = dance (Male dancing group), sometimes women also play. : The Ram Kbach dance is similar to Ramvong; palms must be folded from below and brought up as high as your eyebrow when unfolded. Both hands and legs must be moved in opposition directions, like in the Ramvong dance. People perform the Ram Kbach dance in a circle too – it’s just like Ramkbach, but the movements are slower and more gentle.

Que Sera Sarah : One of these, the Robam Kom Araek, features the dancers leaping over bamboo poles, which are held at either end by other dancers and banged on the floor, while couples or pairs of couples leap over them in time to the beat – the last time I saw this was at Howard’s wedding, during a display of Filipino dance and this one is thought to be a Khmer version of the same.

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