Joe Bonamassa publishes ‘Dust Bowl,’ his ninth album (2011)

Joe Bonamassa‘s ‘Dust Bowl’ is his ninth studio album released on March 22, 2011 by J&R Adventure.

Track Listing : 1.Slow Train (Joe Bonamassa, Kevin Shirley) – 06:49 . 2.Dust Bowl (Joe Bonamassa) – 04:33 . 3.Tennessee Plates (John Hiatt, John Porter) – 04:18 . 4.The Meaning Of The Blues (Bobby Troup, Leah Worth) – 05:44 . 5.Black Lung Heartache (Joe Bonamassa) – 04:14 . 6.You Better Watch Yourself (Joe Bonamassa, Walter Jacobs) – 03:30 . 7.The Last Matador Of Bayonne (Joe Bonamassa) – 05:23 . 8.Heartbreaker (Paul Rodgers) – 05:49 . 9.No Love On The Street (Tim Curry, Michael Kamen) – 06:32 . 10.The Whale That Swallowed Jonah (Joe Bonamassa) – 04:46 . 11.Sweet Rowena (Vince Gill, Pete Wasner) – 04:34 . 12.Prisoner (John Desautels, Karen Lawrence) – 06:48

Musicians : Joe Bonamassa – Baglama, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Vocals . Tal Bergman – Drums, Percussion . Tony Cedras – Trumpet . Blondie Chaplin – Guitar (Rhythm) . Chad Cromwell – Drums, Tambourine . Anton Fig – Drums, Percussion, Shaker . Vince Gill – Featured Artist, Guitar (Electric), Vocals On (11) . Beth Hart – Vocals . John Hiatt – Vocals On (3) . Glenn Hughes – Vocals On (8) . Rick Melick – Accordion, Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Synthesizer, Tambourine . Steve Nathan – Hammond B3, Piano . Michael Rhodes – Guitar (Bass) . Carmine Rojas – Bass, Guitar (Bass) . Arlan Schierbaum – Hammond B3 . Peter Van Weelden – Spoken Word . Reese Wynans – Hammond B3, Piano

Production : Produced By Kevin Shirley . Kostas Kalimeris – Engineer . Jared Kvitka – Engineer . George Marino – Mastering . Leslie Richter – Engineer . Nick Riris – Engineer . Xenophwn Sbounias – Engineer . Kevin Shirley – Mixing . Ghian Wright – Engineer

Package : Joe Bonamassa – Liner Notes . Dennis Friel – Design, Illustrations . Kevin Shirley – Photography

Recorded In 2010 At Black Rock Studios – Santorini, Greece, Ben’S Studio – Nashville, Tn, The Cave – Malibu, Caand The Village – Los Angeles, Ca.

Released On March 22, 2011 By J&R Adventures.

(Source Joe Bonamassa‘s ‘Dust Bowl’ | Official Site)

Joe Bonamassa


Blues Rock Review
One of the highlights of the album has to be the final track, “Prisoner,” a Barbara Streisand cover. Bonamassa’s vocals really stick out here in what makes for Dust Bowl’s most powerful performance. […]

Premier Guitar
Bonamassa’s Dust Bowl picks up where Black Rock left off. His vision is true, clearand more expansive than ever. His guitar playing will send you running back to the woodshed, while the music will resonate with you long after the final notes fade. […]
Of course, I am not entirely sure if this is the best place to start for a new fan though I know I still need to look a little further into his back catalog. But knowing how his work rate seems to be, we should expect to hear just as good this time next year. […]


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