Sting’s ‘The Soul Cages’

Sting’s ‘The Soul Cages’ is his third studio album dedicated to his recently deceased father and released on January 22, 1991 by A&M.

Track Listing : 1.Island Of Souls (Sting) – 06:41 . 2.All This Time (Sting) – 04:54 . 3.Mad About You (Sting) – 03:53 . 4.Jeremiah Blues (Part 1) (Sting) – 04:54 . 5.Why Should I Cry For You (Sting) – 04:46 . 6.Saint Agnes And The Burning Train (Sting) – 02:43 . 7.The Wild Wild Sea (Sting) – 06:41 . 8.The Soul Cages (Sting) – 05:52 . 9.When The Angels Fall (Sting) – 07:48

Musicians : Manu Katché – Drums . Kenny Kirkland – Keyboards . Dominic Miller – Guitars . Branford Marsalis – Saxophone . Kathryn Tickell – Northumbrian Smallpipe . Paola Paparelle – Oboe . David Sancious – Keyboards . Vinx – Percussion . Bill Summers – Percussion . Tony Vacca – Percussion . Skip Burney – Percussion . Ray Cooper – Percussion . Munyungo Jackson – Percussion

Production : Produced By Hugh Padgham . Hugh Padgham – Engineer

Recorded April – November 1990 At Studio Guillaume Tell, Paris; Villa Salviati, Migliarino, Italy.

Released On January 22, 1991 By A&M.

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Once more, the sea is used as a metaphor and the fisherman and sailors are once again deeply intertwined. Once again the lyrics are impressive, dealing with the sea as the burial grounds (and therefore, the “soul cages”) for those who sail them. […]

Entertainment Weekly
But rarely have songs about feeling awful sounded so stillborn and unmoving. The man was never as much of a sucker for a hook as Elton John was, but throughout The Soul Cages, Sting defiantly resists hummability as if a mere catchy pop chorus were too frivolous for such weighty content […]

The Daily Vault
Both are exhilarating, fierce and just powerful enough to keep The Soul Cages from drowning in its own introspection. In summary, The Soul Cages is a powerful CD, a work of art both in its individual songs and in being viewed as a single entity. A memorial for lost parents, it is a fitting tribute and a wonderful piece of work. […]


Sting’s ‘The Soul Cages’ M



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