Wayne Shorter’s ‘Adam’s Apple’

Wayne Shorter‘s ‘Adam’s Apple’ is his tenth album recorded on February 2 & 24, 1966 and released the same year by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Adam’S Apple (Wayne Shorter) – 06:49 . 2.502 Blues (Drinkin’ And Drivin’) (Jimmy Rowles) – 06:34 . 3.El Gaucho (Wayne Shorter) – 06:30 . 4.Footprints (Wayne Shorter) – 07:29 . 5.Teru (Wayne Shorter) – 06:12 . 6.Chief Crazy Horse (Wayne Shorter) – 07:34

Musicians : Wayne Shorter – Tenor Saxophone . Herbie Hancock – Piano . Reggie Workman – Bass . Joe Chambers – Drums

Production : Produced By Alfred Lion . Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Don Heckman – Original Liner Notes . Gordon H. Jee – Creative Director . Reid Miles – Cover Design . Francis Wolff – Cover Photo

Recorded On February 2 & 24, 1966 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs.

Released 1966 By Blue Note.

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Wayne Shorter


silentway @ RateYourMusic
Adam’s Apple doesn’t convey the overall flair or urgency of other luminaries in Shorter’s Blue Note catalogue, but the emphasis on subtlety and restraint found here hardly makes it a lesser recording. […]

All About Jazz
So it should come as no suprise that Adam’s Apple , which was recorded in February of ’66, has Shorter compositions in standard AABA blues form and introspective ballads that sound like his work with Davis. […]

With the possible exception of its song, “Footprints,” which would become a jazz standard, Adam’s Apple received quite a bit less attention upon its release than some of the preceding albums in Wayne Shorter‘s catalog. That is a shame because it really does rank with the best of his output from this incredibly fertile period. […]


Wayne Shorter‘s ‘Adam’s Apple’



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