Donde Caben Dos,…

From ‘Galena tres’ to ‘Tres Canciones’ , we have mixed 15 ‘Totally Latin‘ tunes around the theme of ‘El Número “Tres”‘. It has El Catire Carpio, Diomedes Diaz, Juanito Valderrama, Anselmo Lopez Y Saul Vera and many more.

IMAGE : Tres Photo by Hernán García Crespo

NPR: Lydia Mendoza, queen of Tejano music, began her legendary career singing in the plazas of downtown San Antonio with the chili queens in the 1930s. She shared her memories with The Kitchen Sisters for Hidden Kitchens.

Todo Tango : However, when Alberto Castillo faces deep themes, the tenderness he conveys is striking. Definitively, he is a “voice that does not sound like any other’s voice”, as the unforgettable Julián Centeya wisely said.

allmusic : Delinquent Habits formed in Los Angeles in 1991. The group was one of the first Latino hip-hop acts, mixing English, Spanish, and Spanglish lyrics together.

Ismael Miranda on Wikipedia : In 1973 he formed his own band called “Revelacion” and recorded “Así se compone un son” under the Fania Record Label. With this song, Miranda entered the new salsa craze which was sweeping the nation. He was then baptized as “El Niño Bonito de la Salsa” (The Pretty Boy of Salsa). During the 1970s, he continued to have more “hits” with songs like “Lupe, Lupe”, “Señor Sereno” and many others.

Mísia : So Mísia was faced with a formidable task. She began to inventory the genre, listing traditional fado pieces and contacting poets to ask them to write new, literary lyrics. She reintroduced the violin and accordion of the street fado she had heard as a child and brought in the piano accompaniment of the aristocratic salons of the 19th century, giving fado a full aesthetic makeover in both substance and form. : The music of “Saul Vera & Ensemble” is an innovative movement in theinterpretation of Venezuelan music. It is a very personal exploration inmusical understanding and composition; a magical combination of the variedcolors of a wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn) andstring bass with traditional folk instruments like the mandolin, bandolallanera and the four-stringed Venezuelan cuatro.

Otá Records : Omar Sosa’s music is a unique style of Afro-Cuban jazz, and while it is rooted in the folkloric traditions of the African Diaspora, he always takes an exploratory approach – never one to let orthodoxy stand in the way of his pursuit of freedom. Sosa offers a joyful mix of jazz and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, combining percussive forays inside the piano and a series of electronic effects with his inspired, passionate playing at the keyboard. : Overall, Juanito Valderrama has produced over one hundred recordings, and we mustn´t overlook that he produced six films between 1954 and 1968. The artist died when he was 87 years old in his home in Espartinas (Seville), as a result of a heart failure.

PLAYLIST : Ismael Miranda – Galena tres (6.01) . Anselmo Lopez Y Saul Vera – Las Tres Damas (3.43) . Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco – Tres Dias De Carnival (5.01) . Chu Linares y Su Orquesta – Tres Cosas (4.51) . Orquesta Compostela – Historia de tres amores (4.08) . Orquesta Cosmopolita – Tres Pasitos (2.46) . Omar Sosa – Tres Negros (4.30) . Juanito Valderrama – Les Dijo A Las Tres Marias (2.23) . El Catire Carpio – Yo Vivo Tres Motivos (2.59) . Julio Jaramillo – Tres Palabras (2.36) . Lydia Mendoza – Tres Punaladas (2.55) . Israel Lopez Cachao y su Ritmo Caliente – Oye Me Tres Montuno (2.46) . Delinquent Habits – Return Of The Tres (4.15) . Diomedes Diaz – Tres Canciones (4.48) . Willie Colon – Cuatro Por Tres (2.18) .


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