Robert Glasper releases ‘Everything’s Beautiful,’ his reimagination of Miles Davis songs (2016)

"Everything's Beautiful" by Robert Glasper is a concept album (where Glasper reimagines interpretations of Miles Davis songs) released on May 27, 2016

1 . Ghetto Walkin' (w/ Bilal, Official Video)

2 . Maiysha (w/ Erykah Badu)

3 . Everything's Beautiful (w/ Miles Davis, Mini Documentary)

4 . Better Than Anything

Track Listing :

1.Talking Shit (Miles Davis, Robert Glasper) - 03:09 . 2.Ghetto Walkin' (Miles Davis, Robert Glasper) - 03:42 . 3.They Can'T Hold Me Down (Miles Davis, Robert Glasper) - 02:14 . 4.Maiysha (So Long) (Miles Davis, Robert Glasper) - 07:30 . 5.Violets (Miles Davis, Robert Glasper) - 03:24 . 6.Little Church (Miles Davis, Robert Glasper) - 06:35 . 7.Silence Is The Way (Miles Davis, Robert Glasper) - 05:18 . 8.Song For Selim (Miles Davis, Robert Glasper) - 02:40 .…

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