Motown publish ‘Skywriter,’ The Jackson 5 ‘s eighth album (1973)

The Jackson 5 ‘s ‘Skywriter’ is their eighth studio album produced by Hal Davis and released on March 29, 1973 by Motown.

Track Listing : 1.Skywriter (Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino) – 03:08 . 2.Hallelujah Day (Freddie Perren, Christine Yarian) – 02:46 . 3.The Boogie Man (Deke Richards) – 02:56 . 4.Touch (Pam Sawyer, Frank Wilson) – 03:00 . 5.Corner Of The Sky (Stephen Schwartz) – 03:33 . 6.I Can’T Quit Your Love (Leonard Caston, Kathy Wakefield) – 03:12 . 7.Uppermost (Clifton Davis) – 02:26 . 8.World Of Sunshine (Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino) – 02:45 . 9.Ooh, I’D Love To Be With You (Fonce Mizell, Larry Mizell) – 02:49 . 10.You Made Me What I Am (The Corporation) – 02:50

Musicians : The Jackson 5 – Band

Production : Produced By Hal Davis & The Corporation

Package : Brian Chin – Liner Notes

Recorded April 1972 – January 1973.

Released On March 29, 1973 By Motown.


Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
By now the group was burning out, with none of their singles from 1972 and early 1973 really striking paydirt. So despite the presence of three A sides (“Corner Of The Sky”; “Hallelujah Day”; title track), the LP is just plain weak. […]

PurpleJellyBeans @ RateYourMusic
Who said the the The Jackson 5 didn’t do good full albums? This is actually one of my favourite J5 albums, even though it’s also apparently their lowest selling. It beats me as to why… it’s actually got a really fresh and breezy feel, without a single bad song. […]

The Jackson 5 slipped a bit with this album, although they still had two pop and R&B hits. But it wasn’t anywhere near as dominant or popular an album as their earlier ones […]


The Jackson 5 ‘s ‘Skywriter’


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