Ben Harper releases ‘Give Till It’s Gone,’ his tenth album (2011)

Ben Harper’s ‘Give Till It’s Gone’ is his tenth (and first in five years) studio album released on May 17, 2011 by Virgin.

Track Listing : 1.Don’T Give Up On Me Now (Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky) – 03:32 . 2.I Will Not Be Broken (Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky) – 05:04 . 3.Rock N’ Roll Is Free (Ben Harper) – 04:21 . 4.Feel Love (Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky) – 03:46 . 5.Clearly Severely (Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky, Jordan Richardson) – 04:52 . 6.Spilling Faith (Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky, Jordan Richardson, Ringo Starr, Jesse Ingalls) – 03:31 . 7.Get There From Here (Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky, Jordan Richardson, Ringo Starr, Jesse Ingalls) – 05:54 . 8.Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn (Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky) – 04:42 . 9.Waiting On A Sign (Ben Harper, Jesse Ingalls) – 05:00 . 10.Dirty Little Lover (Ben Harper, Jordan Richardson) – 04:46 . 11.Do It For You, Do It For Us (Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky, Jesse Ingalls) – 04:27

Musicians : Ben Harper – Slide Guitar, Vocals . Jackson Browne – Vocals On (8) . Kyle Crusham – Guitar (Baritone), Keyboards, Organ . Jessy Greene – Violin . Jesse Ingalls – Bass . Jason Mozerksy – Guitar . Jordan Richardson – Drums . Ringo Starr – Drums On (6)

Production : Produced By Ben Harper . Kyle Crusham – Engineer . Brian Gardner – Mastering . Danny Kalb – Engineer, Mixing . Bill Lane – Assistant . Adam Lasus – Engineer, Mixing . Gavin Lurssen – Mastering . Pete Lyman – Engineer . Adam Odor – Engineer

Recorded 2010 -2011.

ReleasedOn May 17, 2011 By Virgin.

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Rolling Stone
Ringo Starr drums on two songs that bring psychedelic deliverance. But Harper usually drips blood, his pain an inspiration and the source of our pleasure. […]

Harper has said that this record is billed as a solo performance, as it cannot be easily differentiated what band is playing behind him. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. […]

But Harper sounds most engaged on the disc’s loudest, least melodic cuts: “Clearly Severely” is a furious, TV on the Radio–style soul-punk blast. […]


Ben Harper‘s ‘Give Till It’s Gone’



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