Billy Joel releases ‘Glass Houses’ featuring ‘It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me’ (1980)

Billy Joel‘s ‘Glass Houses’ feat. ‘It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me’ is his seventh studio album produced by Phil Ramone and released on March 10, 1980 by Family Productions/Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.You May Be Right (Billy Joel) – 04:15 . 2.Sometimes A Fantasy (Billy Joel) – 03:40 . 3.Don’T Ask Me Why (Billy Joel) – 02:59 . 4.It’S Still Rock And Roll To Me (Billy Joel) – 02:57 . 5.All For Leyna (Billy Joel) – 04:15 . 6.I Don’T Want To Be Alone (Billy Joel) – 03:57 . 7.Sleeping With The Television On (Billy Joel) – 03:02 . 8.C’Était Toi (You Were The One) (Billy Joel) – 03:25 . 9.Close To The Borderline (Billy Joel) – 03:47 . 10.Through The Long Night (Billy Joel) – 02:43

Musicians : Billy Joel – Pianos, Synthesizers, Harmonica, Accordion, Vocals . David Brown – Guitars . Richie Cannata – Saxophones, Organs, Flute . Liberty Devitto – Drums, Percussion . Russell Javors – Acoustic, Guitars . Doug Stegmeyer – Bass Guitar

Production : Produced By Phil Ramone . Jim Boyer – Engineer . Bradshaw Leigh – Assistant Engineer . Ted Jensen – Mastering

Package : Jim Houghton – Photography

Recorded In 1979.

Released On March 10, 1980 By Amily Productions/Columbia.

(Source Billy Joel – Glass Houses | Official Site)


Ultimate Classic Rock
Part of the fun, Joel later pointed out, was willfully destroying his increasingly soft image — and not just by upping the guitar quotient on the record. As he revealed after Glass Houses was released, that photo of him holding a rock was something of an inside joke. […]

The songs contained here form a unit and are still a worthwhile listen today. Consider it another essential album in the continuing Billy Joel saga. […]

Rolling Stone
Joel, on the other hand, always comes off like a particularly obnoxious frat boy who’s hoisted a few too many while trying to put the make on an airline stewardess. His profundity is singles-bar deep. […]


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