Bryan Ferry releases ‘The Jazz Age,’ an album recorded with the Bryan Ferry Orchestra (2012)

‘The Jazz Age’ by The Bryan Ferry Orchestra is an album featuring rerecordings of some of Bryan Ferry‘s compositions, as played in jazz style of the 1920s and released on November 26, 2012 by Bmg Rights Management.


Bryan Ferry releases ‘The Jazz Age,’ an album recorded with the Bryan Ferry Orchestra (2012)

Track Listing : 1.Do The Strand (Bryan Ferry) – 02:10 . 2.Love Is The Drug (Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay ) – 03:14 . 3.Don’T Stop The Dance (Bryan Ferry /Rhett Davies) – 02:51 . 4.Just Like You (Bryan Ferry) – 03:24 . 5.Avalon (Bryan Ferry) – 02:23 . 6.The Bogus Man (Bryan Ferry) – 02:07 . 7.Slave To Love (Bryan Ferry) – 02:38 . 8.This Is Tomorrow (Bryan Ferry) – 02:27 . 9.The Only Face (Bryan Ferry) – 02:57 . 10.I Thought (Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno) – 02:36 . 11.Reason Or Rhyme (Bryan Ferry) – 04:15 . 12.Virginia Plain (Bryan Ferry) – 02:14 . 13.This Island Earth (Bryan Ferry) – 04:24

Musicians : The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – Orchestra . Alan Barnes – Clarinet, Sax (Baritone) . Sarah Chapman – Viola . Katy Cox – Cello . Robert Fowler – Clarinet, Sax (Tenor) . Colin Good – Arranger, Piano . Chris Laurence – Double Bass . Emma Owens – Viola . Emma Parker – Violin . Frank Ricotti – Percussion . Malcolm Earle Smith – Trombone . Victoria Sutherland – Violin . John Sutton – Drums . Enrico Tomasso – Cornet, Trumpet . Martin Wheatley – Banjo, Guitar . Richard White – Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Alto), Sax (Bass)

Production : Produced By Bryan Ferry, Rhett Davies Rhett Davies – Engineer, Mixing . Simon Willey – Engineer, Mixing . Bob Ludwig – Mastering . David Phelan – Assistant Engineer

Package : Isaac Ferry – Design . Michael Knight – Design . Bryan Ferry – Liner Notes . Richard Williams – Liner Notes . Paul Colin – Illustrations

Recorded In 2012 At Studio One, Olympia, London.

Released On November 26, 2012 By Bmg Rights Management.

(Source Bryan Ferry Orchestra – The Jazz Age | The Official Bryan Ferry website.)

Bryan Ferry Orchestra on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


The New York Times
Roxy Music’s Roaring Twenties But there’s a twist. Mr. Ferry and Colin Good, a pianist he has worked with since the late 1990s, have arranged the songs in the style of 1920s jazz, a fascination of Mr. Ferry’s since his childhood in Tyne and Wear, in northern England. […]

Bryan Ferry says he only listens to 1920s jazz these days and his new album “The Jazz Age” backs up that claim. “The Jazz Age finds Ferry doing a lot of listening, as he neither sings nor plays on the record.” […]

Tiny Mix Tapes
But there’s a final void at the center of the work: for many, Ferry’s voice is the drugand The Jazz Age is haunted by its doubly-disembodied absence. Indeed, collapsing absence upon absence, not only does Ferry not sing on the album; he does not play at all. […]


‘The Jazz Age’ by The Bryan Ferry Orchestra on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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