Charlie Haden release’s ‘The Art of the Song’ recorded with vocalists Bill Henderson and Shirley Horn (1999)

Charlie Haden’s ‘The Art of the Song’ is an album with his Quartet West, featuring vocalists Bill Henderson and Shirley Horn and released on July 27, 1999.


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Instrumentally, Ernie Watts (why doesn’t he sound this good on his own records?) provides a number of sensuous solos. Hypnotically beautiful. […]

Other breathtaking moments come with Broadbent’s paean to the classical Hollywood film, Scenes From a Silver Screenand several shimmering treatments of Rachmaninov and Ravel, plus Haden’s poignant vocal debut in the haunting folk ballad, Wayfaring Stranger. […]

Lately, Haden’s Quartet West projects have been increasingly mired in nostalgia; his most recent CD, “The Art of the Song,” (Verve) frankly sounds like the work of a weary artist. Thankfully, his charming set at the Getty showed more life and variety of expression, with tunes from “The Art of the Song” taking up the second half and material from the earlier […]


Charlie Haden’s ‘The Art of the Song’


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