Happy Birthday Esperanza Spalding. ‘Esperanzada’

This day (October 18, 1984), in Portland, Oregon, is born Esperanza Spalding, an American bassist and singer.


Happy Birthday Esperanza Spalding. ‘Esperanzada’

Tracklist :

1 . Formwela 7 (2021)

2 . Formwela 1 (2020)

3 . Thang (2019)

4 . w/ John Legend – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2018)

5 . I Adore You (2017)

6 . One (2016)

7 . w/ Wayne Shorter – Footprints

8 . Afro Blue ( 2013)

9 . Hold On Me (2012)

10 . Overjoyed (2009)

11 . Smile Like That

12 . Radio Song (2012)

13 . w/ Bobby McFerrin – Jam

14 . I know You know

15 . Tell Him (2009)

16 . Precious

17 . I Adore You (2008)

18 . Crowned and Kissed (2012)

Esperanza Spalding Top 10 :

I Know You Know . Radio Song . Cinnamon Tree . Fall In . Crowned & Kissed . Precious . Little Fly . Ponta De Areia . Land Of The Free . I Can’t Help It .


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Happy Birthday Esperanza Spalding. ‘Esperanzada’


Wikipedia : This day (October 18, 1984), in Portland, Oregon, is born Esperanza Spalding, an American bassist and singer.

Esperanza Spalding : Berklee College of Music was the place where the pieces all came together and doors started opening. After a move to the opposite coast and three years of accelerated study, she not only earned a B.M., but also signed on as an instructor in 2005 at the age of 20 – an appointment that has made her one of the youngest faculty members in the history of the college.

@Facebook : If “esperanza” is the Spanish word for hope, then the bassist, vocalist and composer could not have been given a more fitting name at birth. Blessed with uncanny instrumental chops, a multi-lingual voice that is part angel and part siren, and a natural beauty that borders on the hypnotic, the prodigy-turned-pro might well be the hope for the future of jazz and instrumental music.

@last.fm : Spalding has gone through several phases, which have been well documented during her brief recording career. Her journey as a solo artist began with the 2006 release of Junjo, on the Spanish label Ayva Music, which featured pianist Aruán Ortiz and drummer Francisco Mela.

@Discogs :

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