Barking Pumpkin publish Frank Zappa’s ‘Tinseltown Rebellion,’ a double live album (1981)

Frank Zappa‘s ‘Tinseltown Rebellion’ is a double live album released on May 17, 1981 by Barking Pumpkin.

Track Listing : 1.Fine Girl (Frank Zappa) – 03:31 . 2.Easy Meat (Frank Zappa) – 09:19 . 3.For The Young Sophisticate (Frank Zappa) – 02:48 . 4.Love Of My Life (Frank Zappa) – 02:15 . 5.I Ain’T Got No Heart (Frank Zappa) – 01:59 . 6.Panty Rap (Frank Zappa) – 04:35 . 7.Tell Me You Love Me (Frank Zappa) – 02:07 . 8.Now You See It – Now You Don’T (Frank Zappa) – 04:54 . 9.Dance Contest (Frank Zappa) – 02:58 . 10.The Blue Light (Frank Zappa) – 05:27 . 11.Tinseltown Rebellion (Frank Zappa) – 04:35 . 12.Pick Me, I’M Clean (Frank Zappa) – 05:07 . 13.Bamboozled By Love (Frank Zappa) – 05:46 . 14.Brown Shoes Don’T Make It (Frank Zappa) – 07:14 . 15.Peaches Iii (Frank Zappa) – 05:01

Cal Schenkel

Musicians : Frank Zappa – Lead Guitar, Vocals . Arthur Barrow – Bass & Vocals . Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums . Warren Cuccurullo – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals . Bob Harris – Keyboards, Trumpet & High Vocals . David Logeman – Drums On (1) And First Half Of (2) . Ed Mann – Percussion . Tommy Mars – Keyboards & Vocals . Patrick O’Hearn – Bass On (9) . Steve Vai – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals . Denny Walley – Slide Guitar & Vocals . Ray White – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals . Ike Willis – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals . Peter Wolf – Keyboards

Production : Produced By Frank Zappa . Joe Chiccarelli – Engineer . George Douglas – Engineer . Tommy Fly – Engineer . Jo Hansch – Mastering . Thomas Nordegg – Everything Remote . Mark Pinske – Engineer . Allen Sides – Engineer

Package : Cal Schenkel asterisques RVM – Cover Art . John Williams – Graphics

Recorded On October 1978 – December 1980 At Berkeley Community Theatre; In Carbondale, Illinois; At The Nyc Palladium; Santa Monica Civic Auditorium And Odeon Hammersmith, London.

Released On May 17, 1981 By Barking Pumpkin.

(Source The Official Frank Zappa Website)


Frank Zappa Reviews
For the most part, these are some of Frank’s more caustic tracks. He definitely had an axe to grind with record labels and various other groups of people, so if those kinds of tracks turn you off, avoid this album. Otherwise, I’d recommend it but would refer Zappa newbies to other albums like _Lather_. There are some great tunes here, but I feel you need to be somewhat familiar with Zappa’s style first. […]

The album is a working mix of classic Zappa style progressive rock and comedy rock. Most of the songs are totally new compositions but there are some reworked versions of older Zappa songs too. Actually those can’t be called as new versions because this is just a live performance. […]

Elsewhere, the title track is an only partially accurate satire of punk; Zappa’s intentionally smarmy crowd banter is featured on “Dance Contest” and “Panty Rap,” the latter a bit involving the collection of female audience members’ underwear. […]


Frank Zappa‘s ‘Tinseltown Rebellion’ M



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