George Benson starts the recording of ‘I Got a Woman and Some Blues’ (1969)

George Benson’s ‘I Got a Woman and Some Blues’ is an album recorded on April 30, May 20, June 4, August 19 & 20and September 3, 1969 and released in 1984 by A&M.

Track Listing : 1.I Got A Woman (Ray Charles, Renald Richard) – 05:01 . 2.Out Of The Blue (Henry Nemo, Will Jason) – 03:18 . 3.Bluesadelic (George Benson) – 04:14 . 4.Durham’S Turn (George Benson) – 04:06 . 5.Good Morning Blues (Billy Vera) – 02:53 . 6.I Worry ‘Bout You (Norman Mapp) – 02:28 . 7.Without Her (Harry Nilsson) – 02:38 . 8.She Went A Little Bit Farther (Mack Vickery, Merle Kilgore) – 03:08 . 9.Goodbye, Columbus (Jerry Yester) – 02:04

Musicians : George Benson – Guitar, Vocals . Luiz Bonfá – Guitar On(2)

Production : Produced By Creed Taylor . Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Chuck Beeson – Art Direction . Hollis King – Art Direction . Donald Krieger – Design . Melanie Nissen – Photography

Recorded On April 30, May 20, June 4, August 19 & 20and September 3, 1969 At Van Gelder Studio.

Released In 1984 By A&M.

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No personnel or arrangers are listed, but some of the tracks sound like outtakes from Tell It Like It Is; the charts have the same sharp reeds/trumpet attack. […]

There’s no personnel listed, but it’s worth betting that Idris Muhammad is manning the drums (sounds like flautist Hubert Laws and organist Lonnie Smith make brief appearances too). Benson’s guitar, of course, sounds terrific. And his vocals, for those that like his singing, really are quite engaging (especially on the pretty ballad “Out of the Blue”). […]


George Benson‘s ‘I Got a Woman and Some Blues’



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