CTI publish George Benson’s ‘Body Talk’ produced by Creed Taylor (1973)

George Benson’s ‘Body Talk’ is a studio album produced by Creed Taylor and released on August 23, 1973 by CTI.

Track Listing : 1.Dance (George Benson, Pee Wee Ellis) – 10:31 . 2.When Love Has Grown (Donny Hathaway, Gene Mcdaniels) – 05:03 . 3.Plum (George Benson) – 05:31 . 4.Body Talk (George Benson) – 08:20 . 5.Top Of The World (George Benson) – 09:45

Pete Turner

Musicians : George Benson – Guitar . Earl Klugh – Guitar . Harold Mabern – Electric Piano . Ron Carter – Bass . Gary King – Electric Bass . Jack Dejohnette – Drums . Mobutu – Percussion . Gerald Chamberlain – Trombone . Dick Griffin – Trombone . Jon Faddis – Trumpet . John Gatchall – Trumpet . Waymon Reed – Trumpet . Frank Foster – Tenor Saxophone

Production : Produced By Creed Taylor . Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Bob Ciano – Cover Design . Didier C. Deutsch – Liner Notes . Pete Turner asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded July 17-18, 1973 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Released On August 23, 1973 By Cti.


Plum starts off in a mellow mood before suddenly picking up half way through and adds a nice horn line as well. The title track also has an interesting guitar line throughout […]

comusduke @ RateYourMusic
Album strongly marked by Benson’s association with guitarist Earl Klugh, which yielded tasty results on “El Mar” from his previous White Rabbit albumand also by the leader being practically the sole soloist throughout, his virtuoso aura shining brighter and brighter in an exciting track list he authored himself. […]

With an eye and ear on what was happening on the soul charts — James Brown in particular — Benson made a decided swerve toward R&B on this release. Indeed the JB’s Pee Wee Ellis turns up as a big band arranger on three tracks, […]


George Benson’s ‘Body Talk’



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