Hard & Metal New Music Videos – N°254

Here are the brand new hard rock, metal, etc. songs that caught, these past days, our aural interest and visual liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

54 . Ad Infinitum – Outer Space

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Ad Infinitum, formed in Montreux, Switzerland, by Melissa Bonny in 2018, debuted with “Chapter I: Monarchy” in 2020. Their music blends heavy riffs and epic orchestrations, continuing with “Chapter II: Legacy” and “Chapter III: Downfall.”
Music video directed by : Mirko Witzki – Song featured on the album : Avenge The Fallen

Unstoppable (2022)

53 . Hammerfall – Hail To The King

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

HammerFall, a Swedish power metal band formed in 1993, revitalized the genre with albums like “Glory to the Brave” and “Legacy of Kings.” Known for their dynamic live shows and medieval themes, they are mainstays in the power metal scene.
Music video directed by : Jake Taylor & Elder – Song featured on the album : Incarnation

Brotherhood (2022)

52 . In Hearts Wake – Hollow Bone

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

In Hearts Wake, from Byron Bay, Australia, debuted with “Divination” in 2012. Known for environmental advocacy, their albums “Earthwalker” and “Skydancer” achieved notable chart success. Their music often features themes of environmentalism.

Breakaway (2015)

51 . Alleviate – Gravity (w/ Nik Nocturnal Pt II)

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

German metalcore supergroup Alleviate, formed in 2020, features a mix of challenging riffs and technical drumming. Known for “Death For Me,” they touch on themes like resilience and mental health.
Music video directed by : Sebastian Pielnik

Die For Me (2021)

50 . Born Of Osiris – Elevate

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Born of Osiris, a Chicago-based progressive metalcore band since 2003, incorporates complex electronics with heavy guitar work. Albums like “The Discovery” (2011) and “Angel or Alien” (2021) showcase their technical prowess, despite recent lineup changes.
Music video directed by : Sam Beck

Angel Or Alien (2021)

49 . Sebastian Bach – [Hold On] To The Dream

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Born Sebastian Philip Bierk in the Bahamas, Sebastian Bach, the Canadian-American powerhouse vocalist, shot to fame as the frontman of Skid Row from 1987 to 1996. Post-Skid Row, he ventured into Broadway, where he shone in productions like “Jekyll & Hyde” and “The Rocky Horror Show” and into television, with memorable roles in “Gilmore Girls” and other series. His solo career, marked by albums such as “Bring ‘Em Bach Alive!” in 1999, showcased his enduring vocal prowess.
Music video directed by : Jim Louvau & Tony Aguilera – Song featured on the album : Child Within The Man

Slave To The Grind (W/ Skid Row) (1991)

48 . Knocked Loose – Suffocate (w/ Poppy)

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Kentucky’s Knocked Loose rose to prominence with their debut album “Laugh Tracks” (2016), solidifying their position in metalcore. Their sophomore release, “A Different Shade of Blue” (2019), further expanded their fan base. The band’s intense style and powerful lyrics have made them a force in the hardcore scene.
Music video directed by : Eric Richter

Mistakes Like Fractures (2019)

47 . Unleash The Archers – Seeking Vengeance

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Canadian power metal band Unleash The Archers, formed in 2007, blends extreme and traditional heavy metal elements. Known for albums like “Apex” (2017) and “Abyss” (2020), their narrative-driven music and dynamic live performances have earned them a dedicated global fanbase. Winners of the 2021 Juno Award for Metal/Hard Music Album, their latest project is “Phantoma” (2024).
Music video directed by : Runegate Studio – Song featured on the album : Runegate Studio

Awakening (2017)

46 . League Of Distortion – My Hate Will Go On

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

League Of Distortion, formed in 2020 in Germany, includes members from bands like Exit Eden and Kissin’ Dynamite. Their debut album, “League of Distortion,” was released in 2022, marking their entry into the modern metal scene.
Music video directed by : Mirko Witzki

Wolf Or Lamb (2023)

45 . Seth – Et Que Vive Le Diable !

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

French black metal band Seth, formed in the late 1990s, gained recognition with their debut “Les Blessures de L’Ame” on Season of Mist. Their notable albums include “The Excellence” and “La Morsure du Christ,” which reflects themes of decayed faith inspired by Notre-Dame de Paris.
Music video directed by : Claudio Marino – Song featured on the album : La France Des Maudits

La Morsure Du Christ: La Cérémonie [Live] (2022)

44 . Balance Of Power – Abyss

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Balance of Power, a UK-based band formed in 1995 in Brighton, combines progressive and power metal elements. Their albums include “When the World Falls Down” (1997) and “Heathen Machine” (2003). The band has undergone several lineup changes.
Music video directed by : Toby Jepson – Song featured on the album : Fresh From The Abyss

Never Be Here Again (2023)

43 . Obituary – Barely Alive

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Obituary, an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 1984, pioneered the death metal genre with albums like “Slowly We Rot” (1989). They went on hiatus from 1997 to 2003, returning with “Frozen in Time” (2005). Known for intense live performances, they successfully funded “Inked in Blood” through Kickstarter in 2014.
Music video directed by : Natalie Wood – Song featured on the album : Dying Of Everything

Violence (2016)

42 . Void Of Vision – Empty

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Void Of Vision, an Australian metalcore band formed in 2013 in Melbourne, is known for their heavy metal and djent influences. Their discography includes “Children of Chrome” (2016) and “Hyperdaze” (2019). The band incorporates elements of electronica in their “Chronicles II: Heaven” EP, showcasing an experimental style.

Into The Dark (2022)

41 . New Horizon – King Of Kings

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

New Horizon, formed by ex-members of H.E.A.T in 2020 in Sweden, released their debut album “Gate of the Gods” in 2022. The band blends classic and modern power metal elements, with key tracks like “We Unite” and “Stronger Than Steel”.
Music video directed by : Christian Schneider – Song featured on the album : Conquerors

Stronger Than Steel (2022)

40 . Walk In Darkness – Mother

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Walk In Darkness, a symphonic gothic metal band from Italy formed in 2015, combines gothic and symphonic elements in their music. Vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini leads their sound, characterized by dark, immersive themes. Their albums include “In the Shadows of Things” (2017) and “On the Road to Babylon” (2020).
Music video directed by : Luca Socchi

On The Road To Babylon (2021)

39 . Lacuna Coil – In The Mean Time (w/ Ash Costello)

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil, formed in 1994 in Milan, rose to prominence with their 2002 album “Comalies,” featuring hits like “Heaven’s a Lie.” Known for blending gothic and alternative metal, they have released albums like “Karmacode” (2006) and “Dark Adrenaline” (2012). Their style includes orchestral and dual vocal elements.
Music video directed by : Patric Ullaeus – Song featured on the album : Lacunacoil

Layers Of Time (2020)

38 . Halocene – Just Won’t Die

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

Arizona’s Halocene, formed in 2008, blends alternative metal with digital influence. Known for tours, opening for bands like Blink 182, and their strong online presence on YouTube and Twitch. Albums like “Can You Hear Us Now?” (2011) showcase their self-made success.
Music video directed by : Addie Amick – Song featured on the album : Halocene

Warrior State Of Mind (2021)

37 . From Ashes To New – One Foot In The Grave (w/ Aaron Pauley)

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

From Ashes to New, an American band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, formed in 2013, blends metal, hip-hop, and electronicore. Their debut album “Day One” (2016) hit Billboard’s Hard Rock and Alternative Albums charts. Subsequent albums include “The Future” (2018) and “Panic” (2020), with their latest “Blackout” released in 2023.
Music video directed by : Josiahx – Song featured on the album : Better Noise Music

Heartache (2023)

36 . Jinjer – Pisces [Live]

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

Ukrainian metalcore band Jinjer, formed in 2009, features Tatiana Shmayluk’s vocals. Albums include “Macro” (2019) and “Wallflowers” (2021), noted for blending metal with reggae and progressive rock. Despite touring setbacks, they released “Alive in Melbourne” (2020) and recorded “Wallflowers” in Kyiv (2021).
Music video directed by : Lina Glasir & Tony Filipic – Song featured on the album : Live In Los Angeles

Pisces [Live] (2017)

35 . Red Handed Denial – One More Night

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

Red Handed Denial, formed in Toronto in 2008, merges progressive metal, metalcore, djent, and post-hardcore. Their discography includes “Stories of Old” (2013), “Redeemer” (2019), “I’d Rather Be Asleep” (2022), and the “Wanderer” EP (2016). Vocalist Lauren Babic enhances their profile with her YouTube presence and participation in CrazyEightyEight.
Music video directed by : Alex Mcfarland – Song featured on the album : Lauren Babic

Father Said (2022)

34 . InVisions – Dissimulate

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

British metalcore band InVisions, formed in 2016 in York, released their debut “Never Nothing” in 2017. Known for a melodic and energetic style, their subsequent albums include “Between You & Me” (2019) and “Deadlock” (2022).
Music video directed by : Pavel Trebukhin – Song featured on the album : Invisions

Annihilist (2022)

33 . Xandria – Universal

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Formed in 1994 in Germany, Xandria released albums like “Kill the Sun” (2003) and “Ravenheart” (2004). Known for their symphonic metal style, the band saw multiple lineup changes, with Marco Heubaum as a constant. Their 2023 album “The Wonders Still Awaiting” continues their legacy.
Music video directed by : Mirko Witzki – Song featured on the album : The Wonders Still Awaiting

Nightfall (2015)

32 . Nothing More – House On Sand (w/ Eric V)

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Texas-based rock band Nothing More, formed in 2003, blends progressive rock, heavy metal, and alt-rock. Their 2014 self-titled album under Eleven Seven Label Group featured “This Is the Time (Ballast).” Their 2017 album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” earned three Grammy nominations.

This Is The Time (2014)

31 . Silent Theory – Afterthought

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Silent Theory, an American rock band formed in 2010, broke through with “Fragile Minds” in 2016. The track’s success on Active-Rock charts and its music video’s millions of views underscore the band’s resonance with fans.
Music video directed by : Jon Kuritz

Fragile Minds (2015)

30 . Anette Olzon – Rapture

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Anette Olzon, born June 21, 1971, in Sweden, was Nightwish’s lead vocalist (2007-2012), contributing to albums like “Dark Passion Play.” Post-Nightwish, she released solo albums “Shine” and “Strong,” and collaborated in The Dark Element with releases in 2017 and 2019.

Parasite (2022)

29 . Words Of Farewell – A Lesser King

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Words of Farewell is a melodic death metal band from Marl, Germany, formed in 2006. Known for blending death metal aggression with progressive melodicism, they explore themes of escapism and society. Albums include “Immersion” (2012), “The Black Wild Yonder” (2014), and “A Quiet World” (2016).
Music video directed by : Mirko Witzki

Whispering Deeps (2020)

28 . Imminence – The Black

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Imminence is a Swedish metalcore quintet from Trelleborg, signed to Arising Empire.
Music video directed by : Pavel Trebukhin – Song featured on the album : The Black

Infectious (2019)

27 . Wage War – Nail5

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Known for their metalcore style, Wage War, formed in 2010 in Ocala, Florida, has released albums like “Blueprints” (2015) and “Manic” (2021).
Music video directed by : Orie Mcginness – Song featured on the album : Stigma

High Horse (2022)

26 . Pain – Push The Pusher

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Pain, created by Peter Tägtgren in Sweden, blends heavy metal with electronic music. Known for albums like “Nothing Remains the Same,” Pain has achieved Gold status in Sweden and is celebrated for hits like “Shut Your Mouth,” showcasing Tägtgren’s innovative fusion of genres.
Music video directed by : Dmitry Alekseev – Song featured on the album : I Am

Party In My Head (2021)

25 . In Hearts Wake – Farewell

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Australian metalcore band In Hearts Wake, formed in 2006, addresses themes like environmentalism. Albums include “Divination” and “Kaliyuga.” They launched the “We Are Waterborne Initiative” for environmental activism.
Music video directed by : Elder

Passage (2018)

24 . Kerry King – Residue

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Kerry King, born June 3, 1964, in Los Angeles, co-founded the thrash metal band Slayer. Known for intense guitar work, he appeared on tracks like the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.” His solo album “From Hell I Rise” is expected in 2024.
Music video directed by : Jim Louvau & Tony Aguilera – Song featured on the album : From Hell I Rise

Seasons In The Abyss (W/ Slayer) (1990)

23 . Within Temptation – A Fool’s Parade (w/ Alex Yarmak)

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Dutch band Within Temptation, formed in 1996, blends gothic and symphonic metal. Key albums include “Mother Earth” (2000) and “The Silent Force” (2004). Known for hits like “Ice Queen,” they also explored industrial and EDM sounds in later albums such as “Hydra” (2014).
Music video directed by : Indy Hait

Supernova (2019)

22 . Thrown – Nights

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Thrown, a Swedish metalcore band, delivers intense music with aggressive vocals and crushing guitars. Formed by members from Grieved and Vildhjarta, their EP “Extended Pain” showcases their anger-filled lyrics and hardcore sound.

Grayout (2021)

21 . Evergrey – Falling From The Sun

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Evergrey, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, has been a progressive/power metal force since 1995. Their 2006 album “Monday Morning Apocalypse” propelled them into the spotlight, followed by global tours and acclaimed albums like “Glorious Collision” and “The Atlantic.” Known for their thematic depth, the band’s recent works “Escape of the Phoenix” and “A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)” continue their legacy of introspective metal, solidified by a stable lineup featuring Tom S. Englund and Henrik Danhage.
Music video directed by : Patric Ullaeus

Distance (2016)

20 . Nanowar Of Steel – Das Rote Pferd

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Italian comedy metal band Nanowar Of Steel, formed in 2003, parodies metal music with albums like “Italian Folk Metal” (2021). Known for humorous lyrics and theatrical performances, they have tracks like “Norwegian Reggaeton” and released “Dislike to False Metal” in 2023.
Music video directed by : Valerio Fea

Valhalleluja (W/ Angus Mcfife) (2020)

19 . Feuerschwanz – Valhalla Calling

Date Added : Apr 11,2024

Feuerschwanz, a German band, evolved from comedic medieval folk to folk metal/rock. With albums like “Methämmer” and “Memento Mori,” they gained popularity, blending fantasy themes with heavy metal. Their upcoming album “Warriors” marks their 20th anniversary with ten well-known hits reimagined in English and collaborations.
Music video directed by : G13 – Song featured on the album : Warriors

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (2022)

18 . Rising Insane – Reign

Date Added : Apr 11,2024

German metalcore band Rising Insane, formed in 2012, released “Nation” (2017) and “Porcelain” (2019). Known for their intense style and deep lyrics, they won a performance spot at the Impericon Festival and released “Afterglow” in 2021.
Music video directed by : Farbton – Song featured on the album : Wildfires

Afterglow (2022)

17 . Ivory Tower – Heavy Ride

Date Added : Apr 11,2024

Progressive/power metal band Ivory Tower, from Germany, started in 1996. Albums include “Beyond the Stars” (2000) and “Stronger” (2019). They’ve evolved from nu-metal to a refined progressive metal sound, with themes of fantasy and life.
Music video directed by : Hannes Gorrissen – Song featured on the album : Heavy Rain

Slave (2020)

16 . Then Comes Silence – Like A Hammer

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Founded in Stockholm in 2012 by Alex Svenson, Then Comes Silence is known for their goth, post-punk, and darkwave music. Signing with Nuclear Blast in 2016 for their album ‘Blood,’ they’ve toured internationally and played major festivals.
Music video directed by : Johnny Nattsjö & D.K. Griftegaard – Song featured on the album : Trickery

Rise To The Bait (2022)

15 . Venues – Bad Karma

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Venues, originating from Stuttgart as Break Down a Venue, rose with their debut “Aspire” and evolved through member changes to release “Solace” in 2021, combining metalcore with visual storytelling.Song featured on the album : Transience

Nothing Less (2018)

14 . Firewind – Stand United

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Firewind, a Greek power metal band founded in 1998 by Gus G., blends power and heavy metal. Notable albums include “Allegiance” (2006) and “Days of Defiance” (2010). The band’s lineup has evolved over the years, maintaining a signature high-energy style.
Music video directed by : Grupa13 – Song featured on the album : Stand United

Maniac (2010)

13 . Bloodorn – Bloodorn

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Formed during the pandemic, Bloodorn merges extreme power metal with melodic catchiness. Influenced by bands like Gamma Ray, their music addresses themes from Norse mythology to oppression.
Music video directed by : Cécile Delpoïo, George Mylonas & Andrea Falaschi – Song featured on the album : Let The Fury Rise

Drive The Nail (2022)

12 . Make Them Suffer – Epitaph

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Formed in Perth, Australia, in 2008, Make Them Suffer blends metalcore with symphonic and progressive elements. Albums like “Neverbloom” (2012) and “Old Souls” (2015) demonstrate their evolving sound, earning nominations at the AIR Awards.
Music video directed by : Colin Jeffs

Erase Me (2020)

11 . Tungsten – Walborg

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Tungsten, a Swedish metal band formed in 2016 by Anders Johansson and his sons, melds power metal with melodic elements. Their debut “We Will Rise” (2019) established them with a blend of heavy riffs and catchy melodies.
Music video directed by : Niklas Johansson

We Will Rise (2020)

10 . Ricardo Confessori – The Shredder (w/ Mizuho Lin)

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Ricardo Confessori, a Brazilian drummer, played a pivotal role in bands Angra and Shaman, influencing the power metal scene. His career highlights include founding Shaman after leaving Angra and exploring diverse musical directions. Besides his band contributions, Confessori’s endorsements by RMV, Zildjian, and Vic Firth underscore his standing as a respected musician in the metal genre.
Music video directed by : Thiago Larenttes

The Dark Passenger (W/ Bruno Sutter, Rasta) (2023)

9 . Boston Manor – Sliding Doors

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Boston Manor, a British punk rock band from Blackpool, Lancashire, launched in 2013, quickly gained momentum with albums like “Be Nothing.” (2016) and “Welcome to the Neighbourhood” (2018). Their music, combining emo, grunge, and post-hardcore elements, led to headlining tours and recognitions like Kerrang!’s Album Of The Week.
Music video directed by : Zak Pinchin

Passenger (2023)

8 . Saltatio Mortis – Schwarzer Strand (w/ Faun)

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Formed in 2000 in Karlsruhe, Germany, Saltatio Mortis, “dance of death,” merges medieval music with metal. Known for their use of traditional instruments and metal fusion, they gained recognition with “Aus der Asche” in 2007. Members like Alea der Bescheidene contribute to their distinct sound. Their work, including “Wachstum über alles,” cements their place in the medieval metal genre.
Music video directed by : Mirko Witzki

Pray To The Hunter (W/ The Elder Scrolls Online) (2023)

7 . The End Machine – Hell Or High Water

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

The End Machine, formed in 2018, is an American supergroup featuring George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, Steve Brown, and Girish Pradhan. Known for heavy metal and hard rock, they released “The End Machine” (2019), “Phase2” (2021), and “The Quantum Phase” (2024). Members Lynch and Pilson have backgrounds in Lynch Mob and Foreigner, respectively. The band’s sound echoes classic Dokken influences.
Music video directed by : Federico Janni

Alive Today (2018)

6 . Foreign Hands – God Under Fingernails

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Based in Wilmington, USA, Foreign Hands features Tyler Norris (vocals) and members from bands like Wristmeetrazor and Simulakra. Since their 2018 promo tape, they’ve made their mark with “What’s Left Unsaid” in 2024. Known for energetic performances and a blend of melodic and heavy sounds, their work is celebrated for its technicality and emotional depth in the hardcore scene.
Music video directed by : Joshua Boerum-Ruhl – Song featured on the album : What’S Left Unsaid

Chlorine Tears (2023)

5 . All For Metal – Gods Of Metal

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

All For Metal, a heavy metal band formed in 2022, features an international lineup from Germany and Italy. Known for anthemic metal songs, their debut “All For Metal” was well-received. Other tracks include “Born In Valhalla” and “Raise Your Hammer”, showcasing their melodic metal sound with folky elements.
Music video directed by : Patrick Heidekorn – Song featured on the album : Gods Of Metal (Year Of The Dragon)

Ury Of The Gods (2023)

4 . Erra – Slow Sour Bleed

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Erra is a progressive metalcore band from Alabama known for their precision and adventurous sound. Their self-titled album “Erra” (2021) is their latest work. The band, with a history of lineup changes, consists of talented musicians. Erra‘s music blends technical proficiency, melodic intricacy, and lyrical depth.
Music video directed by : Chris Klumpp – Song featured on the album : Cure

Snowblood (2020)

3 . Apocalyptica – The Unforgiven Ii

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Hailing from Helsinki, Apocalyptica fuses metal’s fire with classical cello elegance. Debuting with Metallica covers in 1996, they evolved to original works in “Reflections” and collaborations with Dave Lombardo and Ville Valo. “Worlds Collide” and “7th Symphony” further blend genres, forging a unique niche in both classical and metal realms.
Music video directed by : Patric Ullaeus – Song featured on the album : Plays Metallica Vol. Ii

Nothing Else Matters (2014)

2 . Korpiklaani – Rankarumpu (Official Music Video)

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Formed in 2003, Finnish band Korpiklaani blends traditional folk with metal. Evolving from Shamaani Duo and Shaman, they”ve released albums like “Spirit of the Forest” and “Jylhä.” Their lyrics often explore themes of alcohol and partying, with songs typically in Finnish, reflecting their cultural roots.
Music video directed by : Vesa Ranta & Petri Marttinen – Song featured on the album : Rankarumpu

Vodka (2009)

1 . Four Year Strong – Daddy Of Mine

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Four Year Strong, an American band from Worcester, Massachusetts, blends hardcore punk and pop-punk. Known for albums like “Enemy of the World,” they hit Billboard 200 with singles like “It Must Really Suck to Be Four Year Strong Right Now.”
Music video directed by : Benjamin Lieber

Talking Myself In Circles (2020)

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