James Brown records ‘Live at the Apollo’ with the Famous Flames (1962)

James Brown‘s ‘Live at the Apollo’ is a live album recorded on October 24, 1962 with the Famous Flames and released iIn May 1963 by King.

Track Listing : 1.Introduction To James Brown And The Famous Flames (Fats Gonder) – 01:49 . 2.I’Ll Go Crazy (James Brown) – 02:05 . 3.Try Me (James Brown) – 02:27 . 4.Think (Lowman Pauling) – 01:58 . 5.I Don’T Mind (James Brown) – 02:28 . 6.Lost Someone (James Brown, Bobby Byrd, Lloyd Stallworth) – 10:43 . 7.Medley: Please, Please, Please/You’Ve Got The Power/I Found Someone/Why Do You Do Me/I Want You So Bad/I Love You, Yes I Do/Strange Things Happen/Bewildered/Please, Please, Please (James Brown, Bobby Byrd, Sylvester Keels, Sol Marcus, Lloyd Stallworth, Johnny Terry, Guy Wood) – 06:27 . 8.Night Train (Jimmy Forrest, Lewis Simpkins, Oscar Washington) – 03:26

Chuck Stewart

Musicians : James Brown – Vocals . James Brown & His Famous Flames – Band . Les Buie – Guitar . William Po Devil Burgess – Sax (Alto) . Bobby Byrd – Organ, Vocals (Background) . Al Brisco Clark – Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor) . Clayton Fillyau – Drums . Lucas Fats Gonder – Mc, Organ . Lewis Hamlin – Trumpet . Roscoe Patrick – Trumpet . Hubert Perry – Bass . St. Clair Pinckney – Sax (Tenor) . George Sims – Drums . Teddy Washington – Trumpet . Dicky Wells – Trombone . Lloyd Stallworth – Vocals (Background) . Bobby Bennett – Vocals (Background)

Production : Produced By James Brown Tommy Nola – Engineer

Package : Alan Leeds – Liner Notes . Dan Quest – Cover Art . Chuck Stewart asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded On October 24, 1962 At The Apollo Theater In Harlem.

Released In May 1963 By King.

(Source James Brown‘s ‘Live at the Apollo’ | Official Site)


The Guardian
James Brown Live at the Apollo – a classic report from the vaults But on a cold night in October 1962, in front of 1,500 hungry Harlemites, he really ripped the roof off the sucker. […]

Not only did it satisfy Brown’s small legion of diehard fans– to the tune of being played in its entirety during the evenings on some R&B; radio stations– for the first time, it brought the undeniably intense celebration of his live show to young audiences throughout the country. […]

By the triumphant end of the final note you can almost envision a young Mick Jagger holed up in his bedroom taking copious notes and singing along with Brown and the Flames in a full-length mirror. […]


James Brown‘s ‘Live at the Apollo’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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