Jive Talking

From ‘I Want To Rock’ to ‘Dont jive me’, we have mixed 18 ‘Swing Music‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Jive‘. It has Sarah Vaughan, June Richmond, Louis Prima, Memphis Slim and many more.

IMAGE : LeRoc Competition Photo by David Miller

Cab Calloway Orchestra: Here’s the stone bible for you to collar that apple trickeration that will truly get your boots on! Say all you cats and chicks, don’t be icky. Bust your conk on this mess and you’ll be wailin’ with the mellows.

Wikipedia : Jive is one of the five International Latin dances. In competition it is danced at a speed of 44 bars per minute, although in other cases this is reduced to between 32 and 40 bars per minute.

Jiveoholics Anonymous : Here visitors can click through detailed textual descriptions of over 600 moves or select one at random. Start by viewing 19 beginner moves or try the visual map of 100 key moves to get you going. Study just one move (the yoyo) explained in gruesome detail or consult a dictionary of jive terminology?

Official Cab Calloway : When he was 6-years-old, they moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where, after school, he sold newspapers, shined shoes, was a checker, waited tables, and walked horses at the racetrack. His parents hoped young Cab would someday study law, but, by the time he graduated from high school at the age of 17, he had already made up his own mind to be an entertainer.

The Vocal Group Harmony : June Richmond was a featured vocalist with Jimmy Dorsey’s Orchestra in 1938. She also worked with Les Hite, Cab Calloway, and Andy Kirk. June was featured in three soundies with Roy Milton. She released “Hey Lawdy Mama” on Mercury 2011 in 1945, but without Roy Milton And His Band.

allmusic : The origins of the blues standard “Tin Pan Alley” can be traced directly back to pianist Curtis Jones, who also enjoyed considerable success in 1937 with his “Lonesome Bedroom Blues” for Vocalion (a song inspired by a breakup with his wife).

Louis Prima : A few years passed and Louis hit again, this time with his twenty-two piece orchestra, on a now million seller “plus” titled, “Angelina.” It started the whole country talking about pizza, veal parmegiana, pasta fagiole, and antipasto. These words were never before used in American life unless you happened to be a descendant of Italy.

Musicians Local no. 627 : After Blanche Calloway attempted to take over leadership of the band, the Clouds of Joy returned to Kansas City. With the Great Depression shutting ballrooms and theaters across the country, the Clouds of Joy stayed close to Kansas City.

PLAYLIST : Cab Calloway – I Want To Rock (2.49) . Memphis Slim – Jive Time Bounce (2.55) . Ben Webster – Jive At Six (4.14) . Cannonball Adderley Sextet – Jive Samba (10.44) . Sarah Vaughan – Jive Samba (2.54) . Gene Krupa & His Orchestra – No Name Jive (2.53) . Louis Armstrong – Dont jive me (2.50) . Curtis Jones – Solid jive (2.45) . Lionel Hampton – Jivin’ The Vibes (2.20) . Louis Prima – Jump. Jive. An’ Wail (3.30) . Cats And The Fiddle – Killin’ Jive (2.54) . Glenn Miller – Jumpin’ Jive (2.34) . Carl Perkins – Jive After Five (2.21) . June Richmond – 47th Street Jive (3.15) . Vital Information – Jimmy jive (for Jimmy Smith) (4.51) . Twelve Clouds Of Joy – All The Jive Is Gone (2.39) . Count Basie – Jive at Five (2.51) . Brooks Brothers – Palm Jivin’ Boogie (2.48) .


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