Joe Satriani releases ‘Engines of Creation,’ his eighth studio album (2000)

Joe Satriani’s ‘Engines of Creation’ is his eighth studio album released on March 14, 2000 by Epic.

Track Listing : 1.Devil’S Slide (Joe Satriani) – 05:10 . 2.Flavor Crystal 7 (Joe Satriani) – 04:26 . 3.Borg Sex (Joe Satriani) – 05:27 . 4.Until We Say Goodbye (Joe Satriani) – 04:31 . 5.Attack (Joe Satriani) – 04:22 . 6.Champagne? (Joe Satriani) – 06:04 . 7.Clouds Race Across The Sky (Joe Satriani) – 06:14 . 8.The Power Cosmic 2000-Part I (Joe Satriani) – 02:09 . 9.The Power Cosmic 2000-Part Ii (Joe Satriani) – 04:23 . 10.Slow And Easy (Joe Satriani) – 04:44 . 11.Engines Of Creation (Joe Satriani) – 05:57

Danny Clinch

Musicians : Joe Satriani – Guitar, Keyboard, Programming . Eric Caudieux – Keyboard, Programming, Bass . Anton Fig – Drums . Pat Thrall – Bass

Production : Produced By Joe Satriani, Eric Caudieux, Kevin Shirley . Eric Caudieux – Engineer, Mixing . Enrique Gonzalez – Engineer . Mike Pilar – Engineer . Mike Fraser – Mixing . Howie Weinberg – Mastering . Stephen Saper – Engineer

Package : Rupert Adley – Illustrations . Danny Clinch asterisques RVM – Photography . Rex Ray – Art Direction

Recorded In 1999 At Chateau Faf In Los Angeles, California; Avatar Studios In New York City, New York.

Released On March 14, 2000 By Epic.

The fills and solos have a familiar overdrive tone, but it’s unique and Joe manages to make is guitar “cry.” He is simply lyrical in an instrumental sense. […]
Joe Satriani delivers an inspired, yet sometimes tiresome techno album that fans will either hate or love. Definitely not a good starter album, but a must-have for any diehard Satch fans. […]

Clutnuckle @ RateYourMusic
I wish I could dismiss as a one-off experiment that Satriani felt he NEEDED to have with electronic music, given how each song features the cheesiest and most dated electronic beat possible, occasionally accompanied by some really tedious synth plodding. But ultimately I can’t do that, because ultimately it’s not an experiment. […]


Joe Satriani’s ‘Engines of Creation’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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