Blue Note publish John Scofield’s ‘Hand Jive,’ an album recorded with Eddie Harris (1994)

John Scofield‘s ‘Hand Jive’ is a studio album recorded with Eddie Harris and released on August 9, 1994 by Blue Note Records.


Blue Note publish John Scofield’s ‘Hand Jive,’ an album recorded with Eddie Harris (1994)

1 . I’Ll Take Les

2 . Do Like Eddie Pt.1 (w/ Eddie Harris)

3 . Do Like Eddie Pt.2 (w/ Eddie Harris)

4 . She’s So Lucky (w/ Eddie Harris)

Track Listing : 1.I’Ll Take Les (John Scofield) – 06:58 . 2.Dark Blue (John Scofield) – 07:37 . 3.Do Like Eddie (John Scofield) – 08:06 . 4.She’S So Lucky (John Scofield) – 05:50 . 5.Checkered Past (John Scofield) – 05:28 . 6.7Th Floor (John Scofield) – 04:45 . 7.Golden Daze (John Scofield) – 07:33 . 8.Don’T Shoot The Messenger (John Scofield) – 06:10 . 9.Whip The Mule (John Scofield) – 05:37 . 10.Out Of The City (John Scofield) – 05:18

Musicians : John Scofield – Guitar . Eddie Harris – Tenor Saxophone . Larry Goldings – Piano, Organ . Dennis Irwin – Bass . Bill Stewart – Drums . Don Alias – Percussion

Production : Produced By Lee Townsend Chris Albert – Assistant Engineer . Greg Calbi – Mastering . James Farber – Engineer, Mixing

Package : Mark Larson – Design . Patti Perret – Photography

Recorded In October 1993 At The Power Station, New York City, New York, Usa.

Released On August 9, 1994 By Blue Note Records.

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Entertainment Weekly
Following his more cerebral earlier work with saxist Joe Lovano, Scofield veers more towards the New Orleans-y BBQ sauce here, working up a delectable new flavor of jazz-soul, […]

The second aspect that makes this date special is Scofield’s joy in his interactions with guest saxophonist Eddie Harris, not to mention his band. […]

John Scofield @ All About Jazz
This was about the same time that Larry Goldings entered my music on Hammond Organ. With the collective possibilities of these musicians, I began to allow jazz to blend with New Orleans type rhythms to make the music groove. […]


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