Blue Note publish ‘What We Do’ by The John Scofield Quartet featuring Joe Lovano (1993)

The John Scofield Quartet’s ‘What We Do’ is a studio album featuring Joe Lovano on saxophone and released on February 9, 1993 by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Little Walk (John Scofield) – 06:34 . 2.Camp Out (John Scofield) – 08:01 . 3.Big Sky (John Scofield) – 06:05 . 4.Easy For You (John Scofield) – 06:41 . 5.Call 911 (John Scofield) – 07:27 . 6.Imaginary Time (John Scofield) – 06:08 . 7.Say The Word (John Scofield) – 06:26 . 8.Why Nogales? (John Scofield) – 08:15 . 9.What They Did (John Scofield) – 07:09

Musicians : John Scofield – Guitar . Joe Lovano – Saxophone . Dennis Irwin – Bass . Bill Stewart – Drums

Production : Produced By John Scofield . James Farber – Engineer

Recorded The Power Station, New York City, New York, Usa.

ReleasedOn February 9, 1993 By Blue Note Records.


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All the merits of the earlier album are here again in a rousing outpouring of John Scofield’s distinctive brand of post bop funk jazz. […]

The interesting blend between Scofield and Lovano, the consistently inventive solosand the unpredictable material — which falls loosely into the post-bop area but is really unclassifiabl […]

Benjamin P. Patterson @ Amazon
One Great AlbumSco couldn’t have put together a better combination of musicians for this date. If you like Meant To Be, you must have this album. The musical exchange between Lovano and Stewart is magical throughout, but particularly on the tounge-in-cheek Camp-out. […]


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