Miles Davis records ‘In Europe’ with Ron Carter, George Coleman, Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams at Festival du Jazz in Antibes (1963)

Miles Davis’ ‘In Europe’ is an album with Ron Carter, George Coleman, Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams, recorded on July 27, 1963 at Festival Mondial du Jazz in Antibes and released in 1964 by Columbia.

Track listing : . 1.Autumn Leaves (Johnny Mercer / Jacques Prévert) – 13:52 . 2.Milestones (Miles Davis) – 09:16 . 3.I Thought About You (James Van Heusen / Johnny Mercer) – 11:44 . 4.Joshua (Victor Feldman) – 11:26 . 5.All of You (Cole Porter) – 16:49 . 6.Walkin’ (Richard Carpenter) – 16:15 .

Francis Wolff

Musicians : . Miles Davis – Trumpet . Ron Carter – Bass . George Coleman – Sax (Tenor) . Herbie Hancock – Piano . Tony Williams – Drums .

Production . Produced by Teo Macero – .

Packaging : . Ralph J. Gleason – Liner Notes . Harvey Pekar – Liner Notes . Francis Wolff asterisques RVM – Photography . Vernon Smith – Photography . Jan Persson – Photography .

Recorded on July 27, 1963 at Festival Mondial, du Jazz Antibes, France .

Released in 1964 by Columbia.

 Miles Davis


Although Coleman would depart the group in less than a year, he proves himself here to be a muscular, keen improviser who deserved more attention than he got at the time. […]

Ralph J. Gleason’s writeup on the back of this LP jacket alludes to the excitement that Miles Davis and many in his sphere of artistry felt upon hearing the work of a very young Tony Williams behind the drum kit. The excitement was warranted; the jaw-dropping dynamism of Williams is evident. […]

The quintet followed with two live albums, ‘Miles Davis in Europe’, recorded in July 1963, which made the pop charts and earned a 1964 Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Jazz Performance by a Small Group or Soloist with Small Groupand ‘My Funny Valentine’, recorded in February 1964 and released in 1965, when it reached the pop charts. […]


Miles Davis’ ‘In Europe’ M


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