Paul Weller has put a lot of acoustic guitars, strings and ballads in his mod music. ‘That’s all folk…music!’

Paul Weller’s “True Meanings” is his fourteenth solo album featuring among other guests Martin Carthy, Danny Thompson, Noel Gallagher and Rod Argent of the Zombies and released on September 14, 2018 by Parlophone


Paul Weller has put a lot of acoustic guitars, strings and ballads in his mod music. ‘That’s all folk…music!’


his voice smooth and low over acoustic guitars before giving way to pastoral strings on the instrumental break. […]

The Clash Music
It’s a sign of his openness to new ideas, to outside influences, with Weller commenting in the press note: “that’s what it’s about really, I always want to see what people can add to my ideas.” […]

The Irish Times
It is Weller’s singer-songwriter album, acoustic and reflective in tone, and carefully, delicately textured. […]


Paul Weller – True Meanings



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