Happy Birthday Sheila Jordan. ‘Hear Jordan’

This day (November 18, 1928), in Detroit, Michigan, is born Sheila Jordan, an American jazz singer.


Happy Birthday Sheila Jordan. ‘Hear Jordan’

Digest Tracklist :

@ Sala Clamores. (2018) . Sheila’s Blues (2014) . Confirmation (2012) . Dat Dere (2011) . Autumn In New York . w/ Steve Kuhn Trio – Blackbird (2004) . At Half Note (2003) . w/ Phil Woods – Guinever’s Garden/Body And Soul (1988) .

Sheila Jordan Top 10 :

Baltimore Oriole . Dat Dere . Falling in love with love . If you could see me now . Let’s Face The Music And Dance . Hum drum blues . When the world was young . I’m a fool to want you . Willow weep for me . Am I Blue? .


[2012] Sheila Jordan sings with Bill Pernice (p) and Jeff Newell (ts) – during The After Party for Von Freeman at the Iridium in New-York City >> 17 MINUTES on RVM >>


Wikipedia : This day (November 18, 1928), in Detroit, Michigan, is born Sheila Jordan, an American jazz singer.

Official Site : After moving to New York in the early 50s, she married Parker’s pianist, Duke Jordan, and studied with Lennie Tristano, but it was not until the early 60s that she made her first recordings. One of these was under her own name, the other was “The Outer View” with George Russell, which featured a famous 10-minute version of You Are My Sunshine.

@ Jazz History Online. : Sheila Jordan has always said that her real love affair was with the bass. Long before singers entertained the idea of crafting a musical relationship with this key instrument of the jazz rhythm section, Jordan was already setting the creative parameters on what was possible in this unique format.

@last.fm : In 1974 she was “Artist in Residence” at the City College and was teaching there in 1975. On the 12th of July 1975 she recorded “Confirmation”. One year later she did the duet album simply called Sheila with Arild Andersen (Bass) for SteepleChase in the end of 1976. In 1979 she founded a quartet with Kuhn, Harvie Swartz and Bob Moses.

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