On TV today, The Jackson 5 meet The Mills Brothers (1974)

January 10, 1974 – The Jackson 5 (plus “Little Randy”) are on CBS Television for “One More Time” Special. You do not want to miss them together with the 1930s megastars : The Mills Brothers. Passing of the torch?


<a href=Michael Jackson – King Of Tops’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
The Jackson 5 - ABC
The Jackson 5  - Skywriter
The Jacksons - Destiny
The Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine
Michael Jackson – Got to Be There ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
<a href=Michael Jackson – Thriller ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
Michael Jackson – Dangerous’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
<a href=Michael Jackson – Ben’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
Michael Jackson – Bad’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
<a href=Michael Jackson – Invincible’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5′ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
The Jacksons - Victory

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