Weather Report record their first live album : ‘Live in Tokyo’ at Shibuya Kokaido Hall in Tokyo (1972)

Weather Report‘s ‘Live in Tokyo’ is their third (and first live) album recorded on January 13, 1972 at Shibuya Kokaido Hall and released the same year by Columbia.


Weather Report record their first live album : ‘Live in Tokyo’ at Shibuya Kokaido Hall in Tokyo (1972)

Track Listing : 1.Medley: Vertical Invader, Seventh Arrow, T.H., Doctor Honoris Causa (Miroslav Vitous, Josef Zawinul) – 26:14 . 2.Medley: Surucucú, Lost, Early Minor, Directions (Wayne Shorter, Josef Zawinul) – 19:19 . 3.Orange Lady (Josef Zawinul) – 18:14 . 4.Medley: Eurydice, The Moors (Wayne Shorter) – 13:49 . 5.Medley: Tears, Umbrellas (Wayne Shorter, Josef Zawinul) – 10:54

Musicians : Wayne Shorter – Saxophones . Miroslav Vitous – Bass . Eric Gravatt – Drums . Dom Um Romão – Percussion . Weather Report – Band

Production : Produced By Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter . Susumu Satoh – Engineer

Package : Eiko Ishioka – Design . Tadayuki Naitoh – Photography . Yusaku Nakanishi – Design

Recorded On January 13, 1972 At Shibuya Kokaido Hall, Tokyo, Japan.

Released 1972 By Columbia.

(Source Weather Report – Live in Tokyo | The Weather Report Annotated Discography)


jaszpipiano @ RateYourMusic
This album was recorded before Joe Zawinul (co-founder w/Wayne Shorter), became or could have became influenced/obsessed with the use of a lot of electronics, WR’s signature style […]

Now we can follow the wild, stream-of-consciousness evolution of early Weather Report workouts, taking the listener into all kinds of stylistic territory — from Joe Zawinul‘s lone acoustic piano to dissonant free form and electronic explosions — with lots of adjustments of tempo and texture. […]

Louie Bourland @ Amazon
Segments from this album were released as half of the band’s second album “I Sing The Body Electric”. On this album however, it is a complete 90-minute performance consisting of five lengthy tracks (four of which are continuous suites containing different pieces) […]


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