Whitney Houston releases her fifth album : ‘Just Whitney’ featuring ‘Whatchulookinat’ and ‘Try It on My Own’ (2002)

Whitney Houston‘s ‘Just Whitney…’ is her fifth (and her first in four years) studio album released on December 10, 2002 by Arista Records.


Whitney Houston releases her fifth album : ‘Just Whitney’ featuring ‘Whatchulookinat’ and ‘Try It on My Own’ (2002)

1 . One Of Those Days (Official Video)

2 . One Of Those Days (Live)

3 . Tell Me No

4 . Tell Me No

5 . Try It On My Own (Official Video)

6 . Whatchulookinat

7 . Whatchulookinat (Official Video)

Track Listing : 1.One Of Those Days (Kevin She’Kspere Briggs, O’Kelly Isley, Jr., Rudolph Isley, Ronald Isley, Ernie Isley, Marvin Isley, Chris Jasper, Dwight Reynolds, Patrice Stewart) – 04:10 . 2.Tell Me No (Babyface, Kandi Burruss, Holly Lamar, Annie Roboff) – 03:44 . 3.Things You Say (Charlie Bereal, Kenny Bereal, Missy Elliott, Tweet) – 04:13 . 4.My Love (Ted Bishop, Gordon Chambers, Greg Charley) – 03:28 . 5.Love That Man (Babyface, Rob Fusari, Calvin Gaines, Eritza Laues, Bill Lee, Balewa Muhammad) – 03:28 . 6.Try It On My Own (Babyface, Jason Edmonds, Carole Bayer Sager, Aleese Simmons, Nathan Walton) – 04:39 . 7.Dear John Letter (Kevin She’Kspere Briggs, Dwight Reynolds, Patrice Stewart) – 04:34 . 8.Unashamed (Darius Good, Luke Paterna, Stephanie Salzman, Troy Taylor) – 03:38 . 9.You Light Up My Life (Joe Brooks) – 03:42 . 10.Whatchulookinat (Tammie Harris, Whitney Houstonandre Lewis, Balewa Muhammad, Harry Palmer, Christopher Stain, Deborah Harry, Lawrence Parker, Jesse West) – 03:03

David LaChapelle

Musicians : Bobby Brown – Vocals On (4) . Babyface – Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Background Vocals . Ted Bishop – Keyboard . Kevin Shekspere Briggs – Midi . Greg Charley – Guitar . Nathan East – Bass . Ricky Lawson – Drums . Wayne Linsey – Fender Rhodes . Greg Phillinganes – Piano . Michael Hart Thompson – Guitar . Randy Waldman – String Conductor . Bill Meyers – String Conductor . Tweet – Background Vocals . Antonique Smith – Background Vocals . Gordon Chambers – Background Vocals . Sherree Ford-Payne – Background Vocals . Sharlotte Gibson – Background Vocals . Gary Houston – Background Vocals . Kenya Ivey – Background Vocals . Latrelle – Background Vocals

Sheryl Nields

Production : Produced By Babyface, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Missy Elliott, Charile Csun Bereal, Kenyn Bereal, Ted Bishop, Gordon Chambers, Rob Fusari, Ricky Minor, Troy Taylor, Muhammad2G, Kevin She’Kspere Briggs . Paul Boutin – Engineer . Terrence Cash – Engineer . Cortez Farris – Engineer . Kevin Guarnieri – Engineer . Scott Kieklak – Engineer . Mike White – Engineer . Herb Powers – Mastering . Kevin “Kd” Davis – Mixing . Jon Gass – Mixing . Mick Guzauski – Mixing . Manny Marroquin – Mixing . Tommy Vicari – String Engineer . Jeffrey “Woody” Woodruff – String Engineer

Package : Jeffrey Schulz – Art Direction . Joe-Mama Nitzberg – Creative Director . Ellin La Var – Hair Stylist . Roxanna Floy – Make-Up . Sheryl Nields asterisques RVM – Photography . Patti Wilson – Stylist

Recorded September 4, 2001–June 28, 2002.

Released On December 10, 2002 By Arista Records.

Video Director(s) : Kevin Bray for “Whatchulookinat” “One of Those Days” . David LaChapelle asterisques RVM for “Try It on My Own” .

(Source Whitney Houston – Just Whitney | The Official Whitney Houston Site)

Whitney Houston


The diva returns to her former glory with a combination of high-voltage ballads and…The moral of this story is always stick to what you do best. Whitney’s return to big ballads will hopefully ensure that this pop princess will be able to lead the rest of her life like a clichéd fairy tale – happily ever after. […]

Slant Magazine
Forget Mariah. Whitney takes the cake when it comes to distressed divas on the comeback trail. Notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to her trials and tribulations, Houston sure makes plenty of allusions to her personal life on her fifth studio album Just Whitney. […]

Rolling Stone
With “I Will Always Love You,” Houston showed she could take a classic song and make it all her own; this cover, though, only shows an artist vainly trying to reach for what her future once could have been. […]


Whitney Houston releases her fifth album : ‘Just Whitney’ featuring ‘Whatchulookinat’ and ‘Try It on My Own’ (2002)


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