Women Sing After

From ‘After the dance’ to ‘Running After Darkness’ , we have mixed 16 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘After‘. It has Elly Wininger, Dinah Washington, Anjani Thomas, Marilyn Monroe and many more.

IMAGE : Zoetermeer Jazz 2008 Photo by FaceMePLS

Cassandra Wilson: In the eighties, Cassandra moved to New Orleans where she performed with local luminaries Earl Turbinton and Ellis Marsalis. After a year, she relocated to East Orange, New Jersey where she made a decision to take her chances on the New York jazz scene.

Unwoman : San Francisco’s Unwoman, also known as Erica Mulkey, creates darkly beautiful music, a powerful collage of vocals, cello, and electronics. Matthew Heilman of Starvox.net writes, “Her style ranges from a kind of experimental trip hop to swirling darkwave atmosphere with just enough static and noise to give it that extra technical punch.”

Lisa Moscatiello : It’s fun to picture Lisa Moscatiello as some kind of superhero, toiling by day in the dark recesses of the library where she works during the day, but shedding her glasses to become a nightclub chanteuse after dark.

Jessica Weiser on MySpace : Sup bitches? 🙂 I suppose it is time for my yearly update…. I am living in Portland, ME and loving it, working my ass off running a wedding/fashion/commercial photography business. I just bought a house and spend lots of time working on that and chasing my three crazy cats around.

Rachelle Garniez : Rachelle’s songs are featured in celebrated animator Bill Plympton’s first full-length film, “Idiots and Angels” (2008) and have been recorded and performed by Catherine Russell, Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos, and The Citizens Band.

Elly Wininger : As a guitar student of David Bromberg, Elly played the Greenwich Village basket houses, and was a regular feature at Folk City, Sidewalk, Dr. Generosity’s and Kenny’s Castaways. Elly was one of seven women featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s article “The Cinderella Shift: Women Who Work at Night” along with DJ Alison Steele “The Nightbird” and a topless dancer who shall remain nameless

Anjani Thomas : “She seems to be able to channel some kind of spirit of place,” Leonard Cohen says of his partner. “Generally, people want to be generous, but they go over the top or they give too much. But to be able to be generous in this manner of real generosity, which is not to overwhelm, but to merely satisfy and nourish: that is something very rare. She has this capacity — melody after melody — to hit the mark. Not go beyond it and not fall short…just perfect.”

Freda Payne on Wikipedia : Shortly thereafter, Eddie Holland offered her a song with her singing group, HONEY COMB in which she was Lead Singer, entitled “Band of Gold”, which he along with Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier co-wrote (under the pen name Edythe Wayne) with Ronald Dunbar. In early 1970, the song became an instant pop smash reaching #3 in the US and #1 in the UK; it also gave Payne her first gold record.

PLAYLIST : Cassandre Mckinley – After the dance (3.24) . Bobbi Carrey & Tomi Hayashi – After You’ve Gone (4.09) . Marilyn Monroe – After you get what you want you dont want it (3.38) . Matt Jordan Featuring Kelli Sae – After The Pencil (4.27) . Jessica Weiser – After The Rain (5.02) . Freda Payne – After The Lights Go Down Low (3.26) . Anjani Thomas – No one after you (4.09) . Cassandra Wilson – Time After Time (4.09) . Elly Wininger – Walkin’ After Midnight (4.11) . Catherine Ringer – After hours (2.20) . Rachelle Garniez – After the After Party (4.02) . Maureen McGovern – The Morning After (2.22) . Dinah Washington – After I say I’m sorry (2.36) . Wendy Rene – After Laughter Comes Tears (2.59) . Chiara Civello – Un passo dopo l’altro (4.31) . Unwoman – Running After Darkness (6.23) .


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