Wynton Marsalis records ‘Black Codes (From the Underground)’ with Branford Marsalis for Columbia (1985)

Wynton Marsalis‘s ‘Black Codes (From the Underground)’ is an album recorded on January 7, 11 & 14, 1985 with Branford Marsalis and released on June 9, 1985 by Columbia.


Wynton Marsalis records ‘Black Codes (From the Underground)’ with Branford Marsalis for Columbia (1985)

Track Listing : 1.Black Codes (Wynton Marsalis) – 09:31 . 2.For Wee Folks (Wynton Marsalis) – 09:06 . 3.Delfeayo’S Dilemma (Wynton Marsalis) – 06:46 . 4.Phryzzinian Man (Wynton Marsalis) – 06:44 . 5.Aural Oasis (Wynton Marsalis) – 05:35 . 6.Chambers Of Tain (Kenny Kirkland) – 07:38 . 7.Blues (Wynton Marsalis) – 05:21

Musicians : Wynton Marsalis — Trumpet, Leader . Branford Marsalis — Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone . Kenny Kirkland — Piano . Charnett Moffett — Bass Except (5) . Ron Carter — Bass On (5) . Jeff Tain Watts — Drums

Production : Produced By Steve Epstein Tim Geelan — Enginee

Package : Stanley Crouch — Liner Notes

Recorded On January 7, 11 & 14, 1985.

Released On June 9, 1985 By Columbia.

(Source Wynton Marsalis – Black Codes (From the Underground) | Wynton Marsalis – Official Site)


Opening with sharp hits from the master Kenny Kirkland, the band evokes the sounds of old with great swing. I really like how Tain brings the band back and forth between hip-hop groove and swing. […]

Zappaholic @ RateYourMusic
I have to give credit where it’s due. The position of a young jazz musician after the 60s is an unenviable one. How do you play something interesting and original? […]

Jazz Blues Review
This heaving crying racing album stands at the pinnacle of modern jazz. With one foot in the birth grounds of Bebop and another firmly planted in the modern, this masterpiece can be enjoyed over and over and anywhere. […]


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