Aretha Franklin’s ‘Amazing Grace’

Aretha Franklin‘s ‘Amazing Grace’ is a live album (& the biggest selling live gospel album of all time) recorded on January 13 & 14, 1972 and released on June 01, 1972 by Atlantic.

Track Listing : 1.Mary Don’T You Weep (Inez Andrews) – 07:28 . 2.Take My Hand, Precious Lord /You’Ve Got A Friend (Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey, Frank Frazier , Carole King) – 05:34 . 3.Old Landmark (A. M. Brunner) – 03:40 . 4.Give Yourself To Jesus (Robert Fryson) – 05:16 . 5.How I Got Over (Clara Ward) – 04:22 . 6.What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Joseph Scriven, Charles Converse) – 06:03 . 7.Amazing Grace (John Newton) – 10:45 . 8.Precious Memories (Traditional) – 07:20 . 9.Climbing Higher Mountains (Traditional) – 02:32 . 10.Remarks By Reverend C.L. Franklin – 01:56 . 11.God Will Take Care Of You (Traditional) – 08:48 . 12.Wholy Holy (Marvin Gaye, Renaldo Benson, Alfred Cleveland) – 05:30 . 13.You’Ll Never Walk Alone (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein Ii) – 06:31 . 14.Never Grow Old (Traditional) – 09:57

Musicians : Rev. James Cleveland – Piano, Vocals . Rev. C.L. Franklin – Words . Chuck Rainey – Bass . Cornell Dupree – Guitar . Kenneth Lupper – Organ . Pancho Morales – Percussion, Conga . Bernard Pretty Purdie – Drums . Southern California Community Choir – Background Vocals

Production : Produced By Jerry Wexler, Arif Mardin, Aretha Franklin . Robert Honablue – Engineer

Package : John Hammond, Sr. – Liner Notes

Recorded On January 13–14, 1972.

Released On June 01, 1972 By Atlantic.

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The Uncool
Well . . . uh . . . since I’m not the world’s biggest gospel fan, maybe I’m not qualified to review this album. But, avoiding the actual material, the recording is terrible. […]

89.3 KPCC
The LA story behind Aretha Franklin‘s best-selling album, ‘Amazing Grace’ These days, things are much quieter at New Temple. Membership has dropped. Attendance is sparse compared to the early ’70s. John Ford has an idea that would surely fill the pews, at least for a night. Have Aretha Franklin come back and reminisce about the time she lit that church up. That would be truly amazing. […]

On Point
Franklin’s refocus on gospel intertwined with early 1970’s cultural discourse. For someone growing up in C. L. Franklin’s family, the black consciousness movement of that era was not a jolt. […]


Aretha Franklin‘s ‘Amazing Grace’



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