John Coltrane records his ninth album : ‘Olé’ for Atlantic (1962)

John Coltrane‘s ‘Olé’ is his ninth album recorded on May 25, 1961 and released in February 1962 by Atlantic.

Track Listing : 1.Olé (John Coltrane) – 18:17 . 2.Dahomey Dance (John Coltrane) – 10:53 . 3.Aisha (Mccoy Tyner) – 07:40

Musicians : John Coltrane — Soprano Saxophone On (1); Tenor Saxophone On (2 – 3) . Freddie Hubbard — Trumpet . Eric Dolphy — Flute On (1); Alto Saxophone On (2 – 3) . Mccoy Tyner — Piano . Reggie Workman — Bass On (1 (2 – 3) . Art Davis — Bass On (1- 2) . Elvin Jones — Drums

Production : Produced By Nesuhi Ertegün . Phil Ramone — Engineer

Package : Jagel & Slutzky Graphics — Cover Design . Ralph J. Gleason — Liner Notes

Recorded On May 25, 1961 At A&R Studios, New York City.

Released In February 1962 By Atlantic.

Fans of My Favorite Things will find lots to like about this album. This, along with Africa/Brass from the same period, are good starting points for hearing Coltrane playing in a larger group than his typical quartet formation. […]

All About Jazz
A transitional record, Olé Coltrane successfully navigates the line between Trane’s sonically challenging later years and his earlier accessibility. A magnificent milestone in Trane’s artistic growth, this is an essential recording for any collection. […]

Wouter89 @ RateYourMusic
Imagine you’re a sunglassed baby, riding a tidal wave of liquid red and yellow heroin. You’re flanked by two similar looking babies, who imbrue the sky with giant brushes with a slightly more saturated red and yellow. All of you have tightened your eyes and have a visionary, slightly absent gaze. […]


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Playing Coltrane

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